The Logic of Jesus

The Last Supper

As I sit here, on this cool, crisp December day, I first want to give thanks to God, who gives life, and every breath we take thereafter, to each and every one of us here on planet Earth.

An aside to the atheists. Everyone owes their existence to someone. The logic of science offers proof of the knowledge of God. Even if you believe we were an accident of fate, we still come from a parent fabric. There is an innate longing to know all we can about that fabric and when God says we are a reflection of him, it is because he has instilled that desire for us to create that causation, that fruitfulness that exists within our souls. We are lost without it. If we are idle, we decay and die. If you are a person of logic, it will lead you to God every time. That creation that you are was meant to find answers by searching for them. When you say I believe in God, you are saying, I believe I was created. There is not one thing on this earth that was not created by something or someone. Just because God is simplified in terms that our minds can perceive, that does not merit a case for disbelief in Him. One who creates will always deserve respect from His creation.

Political correctness, in my humble estimation, is also at fault for many misunderstandings. We say He when speaking about our creator, because it is easier for our minds to build a construct of our creator by giving Him the characteristics of the male of our species. Someone who takes care of us with strong arms and able body. In times of war, the number of male babies born is always increased as a defense mechanism to sustain our communities. We were not given these capabilities to argue about them or to cause division, but to unite us as a people in order to promote and extend our progeny into the future. It all makes sense when you think about it, and that is what is important now. That we think about what we are fighting about, and not what our next insult will be.

I do believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that He is Divine because our Father implanted in Him a knowledge that He wanted passed on to His children on earth. Yes, the books that were put together to make up the Bible were done so by man and for their own reason. But God, in His infinite wisdom, is the master weaver, and with or without the compiler’s knowledge, we have a knowledge of our history in the Old Testament, and a primer for controlling our own behavior in the New Testament.

People look back and want to give examples of mythical systems of belief that have come and gone as an example that Christianity should be thought of in the same light. The problem with that is that true light shines through the words of Jesus Christ and proves them to be true and just. When many think of the miracles He performed, they try to find ways to disprove them, but the parables, the teachings that His Father, our Father, instilled in Him to give to us are what truly makes Him the Son of God. I know that anytime I have a conflict, I can remember one of His stories and my heart and my mind immediately unite and it is like a key that opens up a lock; the answer is there. Again, logic dictates that if these stories, which are older than 2000 years, serve to bring out the best in mankind, than they must have true merit. These Words which make us whole, are the way to the kingdom of God. It’s not an emotional argument here, it is common sense: Jesus Christ IS the Son of God.

I was sitting down to write how I felt about the Phil Robertson drama that is playing out right now and God led me to say a whole lot more. He always does. What He wants you to know will come out and it will survive. Never be afraid that someone can take His voice away from you, because there is no earthly creature that can do that. He will always be with you and He will always love you. No. Matter. What.

And as for the Phil Robertson drama. He has a right to say what he believes. He doesn’t have a right to take action on that belief, but he does have a right to say it. We are not to judge, lest we be judged means that you can hold certain beliefs, but you can’t commit hate crimes in order to justify(in your mind) those beliefs. In other words, you can’t bomb an abortion clinic because you don’t believe in abortion, but you are entitled to the belief that abortion is wrong. You may believe something is a sin and you have every right to express your opinion, but God knows every individual’s heart and deals with every single one of us on His own terms.

Your job is to love that person, no matter what. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and only He can know the personal fate of each and every one of us. What we can know is that if we accept Him in our hearts and devote ourselves to Him, He will always be there for us. Of that we can be certain; God’s love is the same today, as it was yesterday, and as it will be tomorrow. Amen.

So in conclusion, it is our job to love. It is not our job to hate or place ourselves above each other. Had Cain simply loved Abel, He would have known more happiness than his heart desired. We were put here to cause evolution within ourselves and our community, to rise above and learn from adversity. We are here to grow. Feelings and emotions are not arbitrary. We can control and design them to be beautiful notes in a the great symphony of life. When you feel angry or divided from others, step out of yourself and ask the questions that change your emotions, in other words, tune your instrument in such a manner that it creates happiness and serenity in your heart and in the hearts of others. Reflect that in those who challenge you, cause union rather than disharmony. Dissonance has it’s place, and there is a beauty and purpose for it’s existence as well,  but it should be a well ordered place that YOU choose, not that you let fate chaotically release from your soul. Write your soul song well, and it will prove to calm the waters of our world. It will prove your life’s existence and it will please God well.

Merry Christmas and love to all,

Mary Lovill



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You Cannot Kill Israel

You cannot kill Israel because she is not a place.  You may try to stab at her and cut out her heart, but you will never succeed, because she is alive and well in the heart of all Christians.

You see, a long time ago we made a pact with our God and our soul carries those words.

We believe that Yaweh, is the one true God and that He continues to stand by His people, day after day, moment after moment.  We will prevail, we will always prevail because the God we defend is indeed the creator of this planet, this solar system and this Universe and all dimensions that are contained within..

His bride, the bride of His son is Israel.  This is OUR holy place, where Yaweh talked to us about how we should live our lives to be good people.

Therefore, if you destroy the lands of Israel, you will not destroy Israel.  I am Israel, my children are Israel, each and every person that walks with our brother and saviour Jesus Christ is Israel.  And our Father walks with us.

The man who I did not vote for president, but was elected does not speak for us because he does not walk in true faith.  He has turned his back on the people of Israel, which means in turn, he has turned his back on all of us who believe in Yaweh and to his own misfortune, the Father Himself. However, we God’s people, His bride, we shall stand proudly and God’s army stands with us.

Our God does not, in this world and this time, call on us to kill anyone that does not believe in Him.  Instead, He steadies our hearts and asks us to show love and compassion and tells us that if we walk the path He has set out for us, others will follow. He  asks us to have faith that He knows what He is doing and in time all will work out as it must.  Ours is a God that tells us each life is a gift. We are taught to cherish life.

In America, because of this president that I did not choose, violence, anger and ignorance grows by the hour.  Brother against brother is rampant now.  Daily writings of children trying to burn animals alive or even killing animals with stones as they are being born.  Yes, there was random violence before, but now it is mainstream, everyday, everywhere you turn. It is the end game of a sinister presence. It is a purposeful endeavor, by a man who tells our country everything is alright while mothers kill their children and people shiver in the night with no electricity because trucks are turned away for political favor. No guidance, no leadership from our White House, a president who won’t take credit for his mistakes leaves a people who, without God, are taken by evil thoughts and deeds.  It worsens everyday.  People with no work, people who won’t work because Mr. Obama gives them more money than most hardworking people make.  No more stipulations that you have to at least be looking for work either.  These people don’t even have to pay taxes.

This is the America Obama built. And although he will tell you “he didn’t build that,” I might tell him that in a way I agree.  He didn’t actually build, but instead sought to destroy.  Not only did he “steal” all our money from American coffers, but he set person against person, and then refused to give an account to the American people about why he refused to send protection to Benghazi which in turn allowed four men to die and many more to be injured.  His failure to do so for months on end should tell the story, but like the proverbial child with his hand caught in the cookie jar he again lies to the American people, telling us that he told the military to save the people under attack by any means possibe.  This is a new story. This wasnt the original story.  The original story was that he was not even aware the attack happened until it was too late.  What I don’t get is that even though his versions of the story change, many people in this country still believe him.  My question to them is, if this man, who you apparently think is all powerful gave a command to save those people, why wasn’t it obeyed?  Maybe because the order was never given. It is proven that the White House watched the attack in real time.  In fact, it is reported that men were told to “stand down,” and not help, not the other way around.

So here’s the reality. God is watching.  This is the proving ground of the faithful.  If you are one of God’s children, you must not care about what others think, you must choose God.  There is no black or white. If you are Israel, the heart of the living God you must beat for him and not for those who would destroy what he has built.  You must love one another as you are loved and you must get down on your knees and pray:

Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed by thine name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day,
Our daily bread,
And forgive us our tresspasses,
As we forgive those who
tresspass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom
And the power
And the glory,

We are Israel and our God loves us and always will. We cannot be destroyed!!!!

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Enough With the “I killed Osama Bin Laden with my bare hands,” Crap

Frankly, we all know in our hearts that Al-Qaeda did not care that we killed Osama Bin Laden. Although he was a figurehead for a time, in his later years Osama Bin Laden had become old, feeble and worn out and more to the point, I think his death was a gift to a weak president from the terrorist group in order to keep the masses satisfied with a potus who’s judgement is at best, flawed. This is no disrespect to the Navy Seals who did their job with great skill and care, this is rather a statement to suggest that the lack of using Osama Bin Laden’s name as a war cry and the relative silence on the issue from Al-Qaeda speaks volumes about the last purpose the radicals put in place for their dead hero.  Mr. Obama took this as having “Al-Qaeda on it’s heels.” That’s just what this group wants us to think.

It is in Al-Qaeda’s best interest to keep Obama in power.  It is in the best interest of all radicals and they will do what they can to aid with the re-election attack on America, possibly the biggest and best terrorist plot of all, as in the end many more Americans will suffer at the hands of their own government than they could ever accomplish on their own. Think about what a great irony; no money spent from their coffers and they get to sit back and watch the total destruction of the American regime. And a regime it is, as this president sees fit to use presidential athority at his whim to constantly circumvent the will of the people, to their detriment as we have seen on a daily basis.

The only problem is that Obama is not quite as wily a president as they had foreseen.  He made the critical mistake of foreshadowing future events by causing the death of four Americans in Benghazi.  The lack of tough leadership, the turning of a deaf ear on our own embassy who requested for months that extra security be placed, is nothing short of inept and is directly responsible for these deaths as if the president had held the arms and fired the ammunition that killed these men.  After that, nothing else matters.

Obama has not kept any of his promises to the American people, not even the one that said he would not run again if he could not keep his promises. This in itself should say enough, but sadly, there is a more poignant point to be made here.  Even if he had kept his promises, he killed four people.  Hannibal Lector had a brilliant mind, but would you elect him president?

So every time I hear Mr. Obama tell the world that he killed Osama Bin Laden, which is everytime someone poses a question with any substance for him to answer I think, “Did you really get him?  Or did he think he got you and America in the end?”  Which will it be America? I charge that the answer is with you. Will you keep Al-Qaeda happy and growing? Or will you vote with me in choosing someone who will take responsibility for his actions, will stay in contact with the American People, not by mingling with celebrities, but by addressing us face to face, no middle men? Someone who will make decisions that make our country a strong force to be reckoned with, inside out, with the spirit that built this country and made her great….God Bless America!

Please Get Out On Election Day and Rock The Vote!

Onward and Upward

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October 21, 2012 · 12:15 pm

I Heard the Bells on Election Day

Our Liberty Bell once rang so sweet and strong to signify that we would as a country come together to make the clear choice, to protect our nation from her enemies. Once again we must sound the alarm to call out the enemy, this one situated so deeply into the soul of our country, shot straight in the heart by a traitors breath. We will save her spirit and return her to the pedestal upon which she once so proudly sat, a queen untarnished by dirty hands. We must lift our eyes and our hearts and give her our strength and know that the hands we place her in, will, with great grace and deverance repair her wounds. How has she been wounded.  Here below is just mere sampling of the irreverence, the carelessness and great callousness of affairs at home and abroad.

We were intentionally fooled into thinking that unemployment was down last month, so that Obama could look good for the debate.  Turns out that the only reason the job numbers were lower last month was because California did not turn in their numbers on time.Never happened before..So you have to wonder why it happened on the night of the big Town Hall Debate. We were lied to. Job growth was actually down and not up.Plus the lies about what was said in the Rose Garden, plus the fact that Biden and Obama are now acting like three year olds making fun of Romney for his choice of words when he told the story about how he went the extra mile to make sure women were represented equally in his cabinet. They are making jokes about serious matters and acting like bullies here to fellow Americans, but bowing down to the terrorists overseas..Shameful….Please dear God help us recover from this chaos….

Keep laughing about binders of women; we the people are not laughing with you…

Another business closed in my town due to the Obama Economy today. So many now, with no signs of it getting any better. And our Governor tells us we are better off than many other states. My God, How Mr. Obama can show his face in public is beyond me. When he talked about greeting the caskets at the debate, I felt like if I had been the mother of one of the fallen, or the wife, and given the opportunity, I would have slapped Mr. Obama’s face hard for letting this happen on his watch when it could have been prevented. He caused these people’s deaths because they asked him for more security and he turned a deaf ear because he was too busy campaigning. To stand there on that stage and lie and be so cheeky to the American people was unconscionable. He did not act like they were “his people” at the time. It angered me that after he allowed such a villainous act to occur that he would stand there and act so innocent. He let people die so he could win an election…Really? That is not the act of a President. It is the act of a coward. I am sickened that I have to spend one more day with Obama in office, much less go through the stress of hoping people will be smart enough to see him for who he really is…

I was going to send this as a letter to the White House, but to my dismay, Obama now has control of the site for campaign purposes.  A huge picture of him splashes across your screen and asks if you would like his party to send you updates.  It is not our site to communicate with the White House now, it is his to curry political favor of like minded individuals.  The favor of a vote.  Not only has he held our economy captive for four years, now he is using the all white house resources and government resources as well, for his personal gain.  He forgets that we are his boss, not the opposite.  Hopefully he will soon be reminded of how wrong he is.

Nothing in this world is free except for the love of God.  It all comes with a price.  Welfare is at an all time high, as those who will not work, sit on the backs of those who do and sip lemonade with one hand and talk  on their tax payer provided cell phones with the other.  It is a grand old time for many, with their King, dancing and laughing with the likes of Joy Behar and  Morgan Freeman.  We must stand up, and throw off our saddles and return to an age of reason where men and women are treated by the way they stand by their morals and ethics, by their willingness and attitude to become part of a productive society.  Welfare was meant for those who are willing but need help getting there, or for those who can not produce because they have been afflicted. The irony is that those are the very people that are denied assistance when they apply.

It is a mystery to me that Mr. Obama is still in office at this moment in time.  All of the horrific decisions he has made are there for everyone to see.  But on election day I will be there, and I hope you will too to say, “NO MORE.”

(With thanks and apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882), 1867)

I Heard the Bells on Election Day
Their old familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet the words repeat
Of peace on earth, good will to men.

I thought how, as the day had come,
The belfries of all Christendom
Had rolled along the unbroken song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.

And in despair I bowed my head:
“There is no peace on earth,” I said,
“For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
“God is not dead, nor doth he sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,
With peace on earth, good will to men.”

Till, ringing singing, on its way,
The world revolved from night to day,
A voice, a chime, a chant sublime,
Of peace on earth, good will to men!
Thank you for listening, I am humbly a servant of my heavenly Father, and one of We The People,

Mary L Lovill

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October 18, 2012 · 3:01 pm

This is What a Good Breeder Looks Like

Last Friday, I brought home a CFA Abyssinian male kitten,because my female Somoli needed a playmate and life just isn’t as awesome without having more than one of the smartest cats around. The breeder took her time, interviewing me and called my vet to make sure I was a good candidate. She asked me to send a picture of the front of my house, I think to make sure I was who I said I was and that the kitten had a good home.  She sent me tons of pictures of the kittens and sent me links to sites, so that I could backtrack parentage if I so felt. She told me that if I ever wanted to return him for any reason at all, at any time she would take him back, no problems asked.

Of course I fell in love with his pictures, who wouldn’t fall in love with this face:


Here is the best part. I paid the same amount to the good breeder for Gio, my Aby, that I did to the less than on the level breeder for the sick somali kitten who almost died. Of course after that, the Vet bill for the procedures that saved her life were enourmous.  I  then had to spend money to have Nikki, my first kitten spayed, and the kicker is that  the first breeder refused even after recieving certified letters from my vet saying the kitten was spayed to give me the papers. She told me she had them, I just wasn’t getting them. She told me that she thought I faked my doctor’s paperwork and that I was a liar with mental problems.  In order to save my own sanity and protect my quality of life with my family at home, I had to just give up and live with what had happened to me.  The shame is that these people will never see what they are doing as wrong.  They will always put the blame on the victims.  Even to the point that they will claim that they are going to sue you, just like anyone that enjoys hurting someone else says, “If you tell, I will make sure you regret it.” The moral of this story is, stay clear of them and find people that are actually going to enjoy the precious life that they have nutured and loved having a forever home and a forever family that loves them. Can’t be any clearer than that.   Lesson Learned.

My Aby kitten cost from the good breeder? No additional money and the breeder sent him home already neutered!  The first breeder gave me a booklet that looked like she had written all the shots in, and the second breeder gave me actual paperwork from her vet (vet’s letterhead on the bills)  and she asked me to make sure I gave those to my vet, so they would know how to take care of him. She also had him chipped at no additional charge to me. This is a lady that really cares about her cats.

I saw the queen, who she had flown to Italy to purchase and bring home and the Sire who was just gorgeous.  And best of all Giovanni (Gio) for short, was perfect in every way.  He acted and still acts like a show cat, his temperment is even and he is so loving and so playful.  She had no problem talking to me about CFA paperwork, although I am never going to pursue that because he is so healthy and all in all just a wonderful kitten.

The only reason I wanted the paperwork from the first breeder is that she was so dishonest with me in many ways and she gave me a kitten she knew was sick and then sold other people sick kittens as well.  If she had no conscience in selling me a sick kitten, then how could I trust her about the fact that the kitten was indeed a purebred.

I have never and will never tell anyone in these blogs who the first breeder is because I know that if you do your own research and listen to your own heart, you will make the right decision concerning what a good breeder is and how to take the extra time to make sure that you find the right one for you.

I will however link you to the good breeder because she is a shining example of everything a breeder should be and if you would like to own a wonderful Aby in the future and you live in this area, she is great place to start.  She only has a couple litters a year, so her Abys have plenty of living space and she loves and cares about each and every kitten in her litter.  Gio is such wonderful proof of that.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love Nikki, my somali.  She has my heart in her paws, and my husband and I bonded so strongly with her nursing her back from the brink of death.  I would never have returned her back to the first breeder, and that’s pretty much what those kind of breeders count on.  If you ever watch People’s Court, you know Judge Milian looks at those breeders sternly in the eyes and then looks at the victims and tells them, the problem is that I can grant your petition, but then you have to give back the cat or dog.  No one ever wants to do that because they either have bonded with the animal or don’t want to put the animal back in the situation.  But the law is very clear.  If it is not a genetic defect, which is something you can sue for, the only option is to return the cat to get your money and vet bills paid.  She has sympathy (Judge Milian), but there is really nothing a judge can do, because of how the laws are written.  So that’s why I write this stuff here.  Because the only option you have, is to research and find a good breeder.  If you don’t buy from breeders that sell sick cats, they can’t make a profit and they will not be able to endanger the health of these beautiful creatures.

After my first cat, I spent time looking for my puppy, Ronin and ended up shipping him down from Missouri because the breeder was very open and just really wanted the best for each and every puppy she sold.  She also priced her puppy very reasonably and included the air fare, so that he (australian shepherd) still did not cost me as much as the first breeder charged me for my sick kitty.  What I’ve learned is that when you see people that are less motivated by money and more motivated by the welfare of your animal, you are on the right track.  If they share their woes of breeding with you, and talk about how hard it is for them,  and don’t live in the joy of what they are doing, that would be the wrong one.

Don’t ever be so motivated to buy an animal that you overlook the warning signs.  Bringing home an animal to become a family member should be a joyful endeavor. Every minute of my interaction with Gio, my Aby kitten, and his  breeder was uplifting and an exciting adventure.  If it’s not, back off and try elsewhere. That’s the lesson I learned, and the one I am sharing with you.

Happy Kitten and Puppy hunting!

P.S. I would like to thank my Vets at Riverside Veterinary for saving Nikki’s life.  They did not stop until she was out of danger and without the wonderful care they have provided for my pets over the years our family would not be as joyful in our travels together as humans and pets.  If you are looking for a good Vet in this area, their number is 985-626-PAWS.

Here is the link for Absolute Abyssinians:


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Life with a Somali Or a Typical Day in the Life of Nikki Lovill

Life with a Somali Or a Typical Day in the Life of Nikki Lovill.

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Life with a Somali Or a Typical Day in the Life of Nikki Lovill

This is Nikki.  Poised, sophisticated and spoiled to the core.  She is my constant companion, and probably my biggest fan.  What would I do without her? I hope I never have to find out.

In the morning, she waits for the change in my breathing pattern. As soon as I am stirring, she is up on my bed purring and prancing back and forth across my chest.  I keep food for her constantly along with fresh water, so I know she just longs for me to be up and about so that we can start our day!

Our day begins by dressing Sam and getting him ready for school. She pads along next to me, chattering about this or that until we hit his room.  Then as she sits near the window, Sammy greets her to which she gives a silent dignified glance and then it’s back to looking out of the window.  Don’t let this fool you.  She may look as though she is immersed in fowl and foliage, but in truth, the moment Sammy is dressed and ready to eat breakfast, she falls right back into place, never breaking stride.

At this point, Woody usually is pouring our morning cup of coffee and already has Sammy’s breakfast laid out for him.  We have a small wooden pub table that serves as our kitchen table with four chairs.  In three of them sit the Lovill humans and in the fourth, sits Nikki.  At first she is fine and at rest underneath the table, sitting on her cushion, but as we are talking about our schedules for the day, a tiny reddish brown paw will make its way onto my hand which at this point is sitting on my knee.  I pretend not to notice as that is our game, and this is when she begins a soft, gentle tap, tap, tap….If I do not respond, her next move is to “pop” her whole head out from under the table and the chattering begins.  Her eyes speak volumes, and soon I am rewarding her with the pets she desires.  After she has completed this ritual and we are just about finished and it is time for Sammy to go to school, she announces her presence to the table by standing on her back paws on the chair and placing her front paws on the table.  She then takes a quick glance and a quick smell.  Woody will try to pet her and she will look at him like he just caught the last train to Looneyville.  He is slightly injured that she rebuffs him so, but she just moves on, usually jumping from the table to the kitchen island in one fell swoop.

At this point, I’ve got the water running and Nikki is waiting patiently for her next reward.  After I am done, rinsing dishes or whatever I have the water on for, I let a thin stream of water trickle into the basin.  I think that she not only likes the challenge of drinking from it, but it is also meditative for her.  She will sit and stare at it as if it were her own personal waterfall, which I guess, in a sense, it is.  I think the noise is also pleasing to her ears, the soft tinkle on tin, that in larger quantities, makes humans want to run to grab a book and settle under the covers on the sofa listening to.

So then it is upstairs to my office, or craft room; it is really a combination of both.  As I work she finds her place next to my chair and settles in. If I am working at home that day, she is content to spend hours, moving to meet the sun’s beams as it shifts across the sky: 

I will look over occasionally to find that she has left the room.  At these moments in time, I think that she is probably taking a bathroom break or just perusing her territory to make sure that no creature has dare to slink it’s way into her perview.  Nikki holds herself, very dignified, her tail up in the air always, with a cool confidence that she is indeed, the it cat, but we have seen a spark in her that may signify, may peek at the wild woman she keeps locked inside.

At certain points in the day, I have to let our Australian Shepherd, Ronin, in and out of the house. He will be 1 year on August 21, but he has plenty of puppy left in him.  He loves letting Nikki see it, and when we first brought him home, she shied away to the confines of our bedroom.  Now however, she sits directly to the left of his path as he comes in the door and allows him to greet her.  But sometimes, who knows why, she will lay in wait and as he passes, she will, claws in, lightly bap him on top of his head as he passes by.  There has been much discussion on why this occurs, but no-one has been able to come up with a plausible explanation.  Only Nikki, in her own mind, knows for sure.

The evenings with Nikki are when she is most energetic, and it might have something to do with the fact that everyone else is roaming the house at that time.  Sam has come home from school and is upstairs watching tv, and the Aussie is in and out, I’m usually cooking dinner and Woody is in and out of the house getting things done.  It is at this time that you will see her on top of her condo, playing with her toys.  She will sleep there during the day, but at night, the wild woman, once again makes an appearance.  She can go from zero to 70 mph in playmode and sometimes we just have to stop and watch her. This is when the elusive red dot makes it’s appearance and as it does, she is immediately on the prowl.  She has made the connection that the red dot is coming from my ipad three in one pen, but I think both the allure, and the fact that she is playing with me makes the game keep it’s interest for her.  Yet, I know that sometimes she gets lost in it and the total joy becomes the hunt of the prey she will never catch. How it baffles, how it intrigues…how it frustrates!!!

Some people say that cats use scratching posts to slough off dead nail material, and while I know this is true.  Nikki sometimes does it for a different reason, which is hysterical.  If for some reason, she feels frustrated (elusive red dot) or that you have offended her, or that she was played with too rough, or it is just overwhelmingly loud in the house, she will run to her scratching post and just look like she is tearing it to shreds.  You can just tell something has really ticked her off and she needs to get rid of that negative energy.  Yep, she’s just that good:)

At night, I settle in with my ipad to play sudoku because it always helps me to fall asleep.  Nikki settles with me for purrs and pets until I doze off and then she gently slips off the bed and into a world I know nothing about.  I can only imagine that this is when she really lets her inner cat come out and play.  I’ve never asked her and to be honest, I don’t think she would tell me if she could.  It is her private time and I think she must luxuriate in it, until the morning sun comes up again and she is waiting by my bed for my breathing patterns to change.

There is so much more to Nikki than is written here, but in summary, to me she is such a part of this house, this institution that we call a family and so much a part of me, and I am grateful to God for sending her to me.  She is only three years old, yet we have been through so much together.  I can’t imagine ever calling her name, not to have her pad in, and give me that, “I’m here,” meow.

Her spirit, given to her by God, is a beautiful one.  I am thankful for everyday she is with us.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you.  Every once in a while, when Woody is not paying attention, she will cuddle up beside him and lay her head gently against him.  I guess her wild woman side, is not the only one that she keeps out for special occasions.  Sometimes sweet kitty comes out too.

All of these facets make her who she is: Nikki Lovill, cat extrodinairre:)

Onward and Upward!

Have a great weekend:)

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