A quick little jaunt from reality

Notes for a possible romance novel…Shutting computer down..need to save it somewhere:)

There’s nothing like having a crazy sexy man for a soul mate. Intelligence is such an aphrodisiac in the first place. Then add adrenaline junkie to the mix, with a quick wit and a nice set of guns and you have the making for bittersweet romance. He’ll take you on quite a ride and if you’re lucky he’ll have a stake in where you land up in the end. Hands in the car while it is motion please, the ride of your life is about to begin.
His name is Greyson Hewitt, Grey for short. Wavy dark brown hair and smoldering bedroom bown eyes. But it’s the smile that really gets you. When he looks at you in full tilt smile mode, you feel as though nothing else in the world matters. You are one hooked fish. And if you are just any girl, this will be your downfall, though what a lovely downfall it will be.
But Greyson Hewitt is not an immortal and can not leap tall buildings in a single bound. Epic hero though he might be, he does have that tragic character flaw that makes him quite human after all and extremely vulnerable. Greyson Hewitt is in love with me. I am the drug that flows through his veins, more powerful than the adrenaline he craves, and more elusive than the rarest butterfly.


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