I am now officially. . . .

tired of waiting….

To adopt my child. Bio-mom is in jail and has been for the past two months..What’s the problem?  She’s seen him two days in his whole life. We’ve taken care of him health, heart and soul, we are his 24/7, so now as he approaches three years of age, why do we have to keep waiting?

To know that my home is mine. I can’t do anything with my house because it is not officially mine.  Can’t get a home improvement loan because no one wants to move on the paperwork to make it ours.  In my private thoughts, I’m desperately getting hold of a real estate agent so that I can have something that is tangibly mine……Even if the bank owns part of it at first, at least I know we will be moving forward….

I do appreciate everything that I have, I just wish that I had more solidity under my feet.  And I do have a solid future, but it’s just that, in the future..Life a donkey following a stick with a carrot attached….He never seems to actually get the carrot..But they do keep him moving don’t they…

I HATE my shower. It makes me feel claustraphobic…It’s tiny..My stove is broken…The timer button is cracked in half and nothing heats evenly..My refrigerator is a piece of …well, you know..the house is a roof over my head, but the roof needs to be replaced and the kitchen needs to be remodeled and the upstairs is unfinished and as a bunch of you live in nice finished homes, I want to scream……

One day I will live in a home that has a pretty kitchen and a beautiful bedroom with a huge bathroom and a sun room.

One day….


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