What Color Am I?


What makes you different?  Is it the color of your skin, or the attitude in your heart?

The United States  is a great nation because so many different cultures have come together, combined, and have created such a unique way of life.  No other country has such a strong community, made of so many brave and caring individuals and in our country some of the most significant historical leaps have been achieved.  And yet, when you zoom in, the story is not always so unflawed.

We are like the epic hero, in that, we are so critical of each other, that it makes us appear weaker to our neighbors.  We look at the most insignificant qualities of our own people and they make a difference in the way we think and act.  Our words become weapons as we call those differences out.  We not only look to be less, but we are less, because we can not look past the physical features of our own brothers and sisters.

Many look at our current President Barak Obama and feel that the color of his skin makes a real difference in the way he does business in the White House.  They forget that it takes a House of Representatives and a Senate to work hand in hand with the President.  There will always be problems when a country allows a pendulum to swing to far to the left or the right.  Although our President has much to learn and is making a myriad of mistakes, he is not alone.  There is a rainbow of diverse colors that is dragging our country through the mud these days.

Some say that we would be less likely to be racist as a country if our country didn’t support Associations and programs such as the NAACP, or Miss Black America, or Even Black College Funding programs.  This is  completely true and as much as advocates like Jesse Jackson believe in them, they continue to support a theory that gives entitlement because of color.  You can not expect someone to stop looking at skin color if you yourself refuse to stop giving the feature prominence.  If you can not look past the color of your own skin,  then is not valid to expect that others will.  If it starts with you, then you must eliminate what only exists as  like minds  attach credence:  the idea that the color of skin is enough of a reason to attain dominance in this country. 

Many of the immigrants that initially entered this country did so because the were running from  the powers that be in their own country.  They range from the very light skinned, to yellow, to red, to tan, to black.  Each has had their own, very distinctive set of problems to deal with.  If we are truly to become a melting pot of people, we must look past our differences and into the hearts and minds of those we call our fellow patriots.  It is sad, but there are those among us who would perpetuate this venue of small minded thinking on only a base physical level in order to achieve greatness for themselves.  The less united we stand, the more profit they stand to make.  If we allow them to perpetuate the myth that color makes us different, you will not only feel the difference in your community but in your pocket book as well.

Hold my hand and I will hold yours; see into my heart,  and I will most definitely see into yours.  Positive spirit and  positive attitude followed by positive action is the only course that will correct our current condition.  I will leave you with a quote and much to think about:

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

                                                                                                       Antoine de saint-Exupery


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