Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

I am an abused child.  I grew up in a world where my parents fought continuously.  They chose to have me join the fight and while they were tearing each other limb from limb, did not look down to see the broken, bleeding child beneath them.

I am so sick, so tired of all of the mean, abusive people in the world.  I have fought for so long to stay sane and stay civil. I am so tired.  I just want to lay down my burden, down by the riverside, I don’t want to war no more.

Please dear God, help me.  These people just want to tear each other to shreds until there is nothing left.  What is wrong with them?  I don’t understand.

I just want to drive.  To love, to live, to be happy and have everyone else happy too.  I can’t take much more of all of the stupidity, the fighting, the anger, the cruel words.

Stop with the skulls and the black and the death. The drugs that people take don’t do anything to stop it, why do they think that it’s helping anything?

My mother was too broken to help me, my father too wacked out on his own sense of deprivation.

Yeah though I walk through the shadow of the valley of life, is there anyone here that cares enough to sit with me and give me a hug?

Will there ever be…

Today I feel so lost….


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