Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

I cleaned my microwave…Yay!  I have a secret to how I try to help me clean and it helps me get through it.  I try to look through the eyes of a person who would come to visit us.  What would they say if I had left my microwave a total yucky mess.  Boy if you can use that fear of judgement from others for good, you would be suprized how motivating it can be. 

Also, before a do a thorough cleaning of my house, I watch one of those shows on hoarding, or that “clean house” show with the female police officer from Reno 911 who hosts the show.  Man, there are some dirty people in this world, and the fear that I might become one of them is a strong motivational factor.  I just let the feeling of disgust just take me over and then I start cleaning.  Since my house is far less dirty, it doesn’t take long to have it spic and span:) 

I feel for the people that have these problems, but the fear of becoming just ike them is much stronger.  So pride overtakes laziness and there I am, cleaning in places that people don’t even see…

There is a purpose for all of those shows.  For some people, they just like the sideshow, but for people like me, it is the angst that sets our blood a boiling, our passion stirring.  It gets the job done. 

Those 650 lb people are also motivation to get moving.  Never say never is the operative phrase in this country and your too could be that person that they have to fall a wall for.  So even though it is in my genetic disposition to be heavy, and I am overweight, I try to make sure I’m always moving, because that is the key to not having lift assist come to your house when you fall off the toilet in the middle of the night. 

No matter where you are on the scale of any given situation, it is important to look in the direction of the area you are sliding.  What could happen if you overindulge?  If you only weigh 110 pounds, I hate to tell you but you better be looking at the anorexic people and not the 650 pound people.  Realize that if you continue to only have an orange every second Tuesday and you think that’s normal, you may have to see somebody about fixing that. 

Ah moderation, the perfect lesson….Learn it and live it and soon you will see, less obesity in our posterity:)

Love you guys, I’m out!



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