Oscar’s New Feet or What Does Being Fruitful Really Mean?

Today I read about a cat who got a new chance to walk.  His back feet had been amputated by a harvester and a caring vet gave him prosthetic feet in a first ever operation.  The video is all over the net, so I won’t repeat it here, but if you don’t cry by the end of it, you are blocked in a big way.  It’s the fact that this person, this doctor, found a solution that had never been thought of before that makes this all so poignant. 

I wish I knew more people like that.  My vet certainly is one of them.  My Somali kitten nearly died of a parasite, but he kept running tests until he found out what was wrong with her.  He never gave up. 

I think it important in this life, to keep thinking, keep moving to make the right choices and to go where you have to, to find better ways to do things and help people. 

This is what God meant when he said go forth and be fruitful.  He didn’t mean have billions of babies you can’t take care of who will ultimately kill off all of the wildlife and cause our environment to become unuasable.  He meant find ways to improve the quality of life  for each other.  Care and love and evolve as a people, learn what it really means to be alive. 

He meant, “Use Your Brains,” and become people of greatness.  Do what you can to make this a better place than when you came here.  I don’t think that message is passed along enough these days. 

Oscar now has new rubber feet and has never looked back except to say thank you to the people that made this possible for him.  Just think how vastly this one act of kindness will affect us as a whole.  It gives new hope and tells us that there is a solution for a life less than lived. 

Stop trying to find dates for the end of the world.  Stop trying to one up your neighbor just because you don’t want to be second best.  Just look inside yourself and be fruitful for the right reasons. 

Why are you hearing that when a butterfly in Japan flaps its wings, the ripple effect changes the world forever?  Because you are the butterfly and every single move that you make changes the world for the better or the worse.  You think, that’s not true, “I’m just a miniscule being and I don’t change anything,”  but the proof is overwhelming, because that butterfly doesn’t know he’s changing the world either, but he does just the same. 

So when you get up tommorow morning, remember that not only do you need to create a positive atmosphere to optimize your day, but everyone on this planet is counting on you.  If Oscar can wake up from surgery and do things even the vet says he wasn’t supposed to be able to do first time out, then so can you. 

Be like Oscar and never look back except to say thank you for all of the good things. And watch the world change before your very eyes. . .

See, your  smiling.  It’s happening already…


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