The Mystique of the Media

If you are reading this, it means that you don’t only read mainstream news, but are open to other viewpoints and opinions of the world.  It also means that technology is working to bring people together despite all of the bad rap it’s gotten lately.  Sometimes I think the sour sentiment is displaced.  We “kill the messenger” instead of looking at the source of our discontent.

Unfortunately it is all around us, and there is plenty of disinformation to go around.  Instead of living our lives, we live them through the sunshine children that the media imposes on all sources of media at hand.  Instead of enjoying a movie or song by a certain artist, we hang on, with baited breath, waiting to hear about every nuance of their lives.  Some of these individuals use the the opportunity to send messages on their perspective of life to their many fans.  Angelina Jolie and her obsession with adopting third world children, or the Jackson Family who became very vocal about Michael, not before his death while he was here with us, but after, riding the wave of the newest storm in his story, the grief of his fans.

Others break under the pressure and return to a crowd willing to forgive them for all they have done. Brittany Spears pops to mind.  The comeback kids, they call them, and as long as they keep their sins interesting, when they die, the world will claim their brilliance, hang medals and kiss them goodnight before locking them away in the vault of no retribution.

You can find morals and ethics winning in everyday life and in many movies themselves, but if you turn to reality shows and the newspaper page, media itself does not condone these values.  In fact, the tone these days is, “save it for Oprah,” when others cry foul because the bad guy wins.  And this is how our children are being raised. What will tomorrow bring?

I find it really interesting that nowadays, instead of just viewing the news, we choose our reality. CNN has been touted “the left” and Fox News has been labeled the right.  In between are different shades of gray but they all fall into the category of reality tv because they are scripted to move the viewer or reader in a certain direction, which means what is true is definately up for grabs these days.  It’s amusing that while we know that shows like “Family Jewels” (Gene Simmons) are scripted, there are many people who still believe that our news is not handled in exactly the same manner.

Our president has learned from “we the people” how to manipulate us in this very same way.  The United States is changing (and not a good way) drastically day by day because of the Antichrist like tactics he uses to assure the public that the changes he makes are for our good.  I remember sitting in class as a youngster, being taught how Hitler’s regime came into being.  How the unpopular party manipulated the countries weaknesses until one morning the country rose to their  broad strokes created on a canvas they don’t even remember commissioning.  I remember my teacher saying, “this could never happen in America.”  I wish to God she had been right.

It is important in your exploration of the world to step back from your own mind and watch your life as if you were a third party.  What is important? Who can I trust to tell me the truth about the world I live in so that I can make intelligent decisions, instead of following the crowd like cows being led to the slaughter of our civilization.  It’s not about power and it’s not about money after all, what it is really all about is you and me and what truth and justice really mean to each of us.  Not what they mean to the media or those that control it, but what they really mean to you and me…..

It’s supposed to be about the star stuff  we are all made of, not just the stuff of humans and politians that shop in places like the ones that exist on Rodeo Drive.


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