Are You People Out of Your Freaking Minds?

I don’t ever have to worry about my fear of flying because I will not be able to fly anytime soon. What is it, rich people up and about in the skies or just people who are forced to pay 600 freaking dollars (SUPERSAVER!!!!!) to go to a funeral or some other event that they must attend.

I went to the Nissan Dealership the other day because my remote control door locker fell apart so I had to replace it. I had one in the first place because it’s easier with an almost three year old getting in and out of the car. 100 and some odd dollars for something that cost them personally pennies to make and then they had the nerve to inform me that it would be another 90 dollars for the programming and when I fussed the guy said he would do it for fifty. Then I look on ebay and find the remote for 50 dollars and it comes with idiot proof instructions.

So in other words this guy was going to charge me 90 dollars to sit in my car and press two buttons until the remote synced with it’s locking counterpart. Like plugging your iphone into the computer and sitting around waiting for it to sync. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

And then the airlines and auto industry scream that they are in trouble financially. So they raise their prices even more.

The post office is not innocent either. Their service has been on the decline and they now want to raise the prices yet again.


It sucks that we can’t have a world of abundance where we can go and be with friends in another city or spend 25 bucks on a replacement remote control for your car or get a post man that doesn’t drop your letters in a ditch one day and then delivers all of the mail from your street in your mailbox the next. One day I found him hiding on my property reading a newspaper. Again, AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHH!

Okay rich 5 percent, you have the right to want abundance like everybody else but when you buy one yellow stripe painted on a canvas for 6.5 billion dollars because your buddies in the art world say, “OOH its in vogue, and don’t mind paying what the market will bear for airplane tickets and such and set the standards so high that the rest of the world can’t cope, that is the reason our economy keeps flopping. The average citizen cannot afford much of what is produced by its own country,The airlines and other industries cater to the wealthy five percent, ignoring the typical American citizen and then fall into decline. They cry fowl, the government bails them out with the typical American taxpayers money and then raises the typical American taxpayers taxes and the typical American citizen is even less likely to be able to afford the rising prices of the Airlines and other industries and so on and on and on it goes.

Other country’s don’t have to come in and destroy us…We’re doing it to ourselves…..

I’m disgusted…

Looks like I’ll be driving everywhere for a long, long, time..Oh well, guess it beats walking……..


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