Somali Kitten – Thoughts After the Blog

I think I’ve written before and said that the reason I write this blog is to manage stress and it is a technique prescribed to me by therapists and just people who do the same thing in order to try to live sane lives.  I’m okay with the fact that almost nobody reads these, even when I put an entry on facebook for my friends to read.

I want to first of all say that I am amazed that my Somali Kitten review was read and I want to thank those who contacted me with kind words.  It means much to know that there are people out there who feel through my story what it was like to have the experience.

I also wanted to say that I harbor no malice towards the breeder.  I had originally told her that I was not going to discuss any of this outside of speaking with her but watching veggie tales with your kids can be a powerful experience.  Some of you are nodding because you know exactly what I mean.  Anyway, my son and I watched the one yesterday where the moral is that you can’t run away when you can help because that’s the same as sinning.

I honestly tried talking things out with the breeder and instead of getting reasonable answers I kept getting emails that said from the time she had been around me she had noticed that I had deep rooted issues that caused me to act out in inappropriate “mannerisms” such as the email I sent.  she also said that she did not like me, but she wished me well.  If you put two and two together it means she probably thought she had cause not to like me before, as she stated, when she noticed these inappropriate “mannerisms.”  So I told her I accepted that and I would be having no further contact, she wrote me back and said I was a liar, that she never said that and she only started not liking me now, because I had emailed her and told her how I felt about everything.  She told me I was out of control.  I asked my husband how you can be out of control in an email and he said he honestly didn’t know.  I did not use malice in my emails to her and I did not act inappropriately.

I also don’t know when I acted inappropriately around her.  Was it at the cat show?  I know it was my first show and I was overwhelmed by everything going on, but I don’t remember acting in a way that would make people think I was unstable.  I honestly don’t know.  I think it was aimed at hurting me and it did.  I asked my 24 year old  daughter if I acted out of line when we went up to get Nikki and she said no.  So I’m stumped.

In the emails over and over I said things like you have a wonderful family, you are a good mom, I appreciated her getting me into the shows, Nikki was a beautiful cat, etc. because I wanted her to get the point that I was not trying to attack her, I was trying to address the issues.

It was one of those discussions where someone is not going to discuss the situation with you rationally and sanely no matter how hard you try.  Instead it was a festival of let’s pick apart everything  my customer has to say and call her a liar and tell her she is mentally unstable.  I was never going to sue her,  in fact I gave up the right to sue her in one of my emails.  I  was just talking to her about what had happened.

To all the breeders I have met at the show I attended, I don’t know how you will feel about me after this, but I want to tell you that you are a very special group of wonderful people and to all that read this, as long as you do your research, and have good communication with your breeder, there is no reason not to invest in a purebred kitten.  The cats are simply breathtaking and showing them is an experience that I will never forget.  And I’m not just saying that because I want to do more shows because I’m pretty sure that the breeder that sold me my kitten will make sure that can never happen.  I really feel sad about that because when all is said and done, she is such a beautiful kitten.  She had professional shots taken at the show and I will update and post them when I get them.

All I wanted was for the breeder to talk to me, to be upfront and honest and if I was mistaken about anything, tell me instead of calling me a liar and labeling me as a person with deep rooted issues.  In one email she even says that as a person that had been trying to my friend, she was deeply concerned and upset over the fact that I was mentally ill.  If I am then my daughter and husband, who were also there for everything that went on need help as well  because we all experienced the same thing.

That being said, I am going to put this behind me and move on.  Again I am really saddened by the fact that Nikki will no longer be able to continue going to the shows as we really enjoyed our time at our first show.  Maybe in a few years when my husband retires we will research long and hard and find another purebred kitten to show.  If the wonderful world of Cat Fancy will have us, we would love to be a part.

Until then, onward and upward my friends, there is so much more living to be had.

Have a great week!!!



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