End of The Soap Opera Era

I logged on this morning to Facebook to find that my cousin Angel had left a comment that today marked the last day of  “As the World Turns.”  I have to say that although I have not been able to watch in awhile, I am saddened that one by one, it seems that the day of the soap opera is done.

It is not because they make a statement, because they really don’t.  It’s not even because I intended to get caught up in one or more of them.  It’s because of the memories surrounding them.  For example, what was going on in your life when Luke and Laura finally got married?  Where were you when   Mikkos Cassadine plotted to freeze the world using a weather machine, or when Nikki and Victor shared a night of passion, which resulted in Nikki becoming pregnant with their son Nicholas?  And who can forget the many times everyone scheduled lunch together because Erica Kane was going to be thrown over by yet another lover because of her scheming ways? 

All good things pass from this realm and as they do, it would be prudent to pause, hat to chest, and give them their moment to signify your appreciation for what they meant to you.  For me, I remember that it didn’t seem to matter how young or old you were, the soaps seemed to bridge the generational gap and give us so much to discuss.  We bonded with these characters and shared their happiness, sadness, joy and tears.  As we experienced these feelings, we turned to each other and shared them as well. 

Reality shows don’t pack the same punch because as we watch, we know that  while they are presented to us as reality, they are but a fictional work of art at best. I guess kind of like pro-wrestling, anyone associated with t he production will tell you its real, but everyone in the real world knows its fake.

  Soap Operas are presented as fiction and we bond because no one is trying to tell us any different.  They stay the same, true to their nature and we can always depend on the villian to try to scheme agaisnt the hero and in the end, though it may take some time, the hero always wins.  Through tears, we eagerly await the next hook.  We take the bait and we swim with it happily waiting to be pulled into another adventure. 

When the VCR came into existence, I think the soap opera world thought they had died and gone to heaven.  I know I did. How could we have guessed that we would have mere decades to enjoy this new found aspect of collecting our cherished collection of dramatic delicacy.

But now, as life moves so much faster, we sadly say so long to those moments in time that will join other moments such as record players, non-digital photography, and drug store soda shops.  Personally, I think God is storing them up in heaven, so when we get there we will have everything that ever made us happy.  One can only hope:)

So as new moments transition into our world, such as using your iphone to film your child dancing, or Simon Cowell creating the next wave of reality T.V., remember that although we only have “One Life to Live,” that in these times, these special moments, we had “The Days of Our Lives.”

Happy Friday!

Onward and Upward


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