When God Says No

When I was a child I remember praying to God and asking for it to not rain.  I would have been happy if it never rained again.  This morning I was watching the news and I was informed that our state is in a drought scenario right now and the longer it goes on, the worst the prospects for our area.

Now as an adult, I can see that God did not stop the rain when I prayed for him to, because if he did the consequences would be dire. Also, if you think about it, there are just as many people praying for it to rain, thunder and lightening and the whole nine yards, as there are those who would like the rain to stay away.

So sometimes God has to say no.

I realize that as a child in the eyes of God, there is so much I do not know, so much that He is moving and shaking to make things work around here.  Can you imagine all of the stuff that we do that produces adversity on a grand scale that He has to fix?   It is amazing when you think about it.  So I guess what having faith is all about is knowing that although you may not get everything that you pray for in life, it is for a reason that may be so far removed from you, but ultimately is in your best interest and the best interests of everyone God loves, who is basically everybody and everything He made. 

Not that prayer isn’t useful.  First and most important is the connection you make that helps you understand and gain strength from God.  It is that parent-child bond, and if you can imagine it,  think about this.  That bond in the physical, your love for your parents, their love for you is so strong, perhaps only second to the love that you feel for your own spouse and children.  Multiply that to the infiinite nth and you still won’t come close to that bond you and God share with each other.  You are his creation, unique in all the world and his love for you is eternal.

Next up is that as you grow, the things you ask for define you as a person.  As you evolve as a person you become more thoughtful and the requests for ponies turn into requests to protect those you love.  While it is true that adversity shapes you, your connection with God and His universe expose you to love, compassion and mercy and as you progress in the arts of each flavor, your development as a person becomes more complete.

So as you kneel to pray today, remember there is a chance that God will say no.  But also remember that is is because He loves you.  When we can accept this, we as “works in progress” can take one more step forward and into the light…..

Onward and Upward, have a great week!


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