An Even Better Day

Just left my therapists office and my qvc lock and locks were at my door.  I got containers big enough for Woody’s famous potato salad and handles to carry them when we barbeque at my daughter’s house. Yay!

So many good things happening this week – My book called Heaven will be in today.  It’s written by Randy Alcorn and it’s supposed to be such an uplifting read.  It’s about his study of the bible and what information is given about what Heaven will be like.  That and a nice cup of cocoa and I’ll be all set and snug.  Thank you God for an awesome, awesome day.

I have put the somali kitten event behind me because sometimes it’s just time.  I pray that all parties involved receive peace.  I have a beautiful kitten that I love and it is over as far as I’m concerned.  The path to her paperwork is leading to a place that will not end well and so for everyone’s sake involved I am not choosing that hill to die on. 

I got that phrase from a principal that I worked for once.  He said that you have to choose which hills you would die on if you had to.  He probably stills says, “I’m not going to die on that hill.” lol..It’s so cool how every person, one way or another teaches you something that you will take with you all of the rest of your life.

I’ve been taking art classes once a week and I LOVE them.  It’s two hours that I can just clear my mind and create.  The teacher is so positive and upbeat and the thing I love is that if I’m the only one that shows up, we get out our stuff and we go to work.  I can’t say enough about her character and her integrity, but I can say that when I leave there I feel wonderful and I have a piece of art and new knowledge to take home with me. 

I’m going to church on Sunday…Yay!  the whole family.  After years of searching, I’ve finally found a place that I am comfortable.  I watched one of the services on line and I felt like I had come home.  The pastor knows our story and can not wait to meet us on Sunday morning.  Thank you God, so very much:)

When I was younger I used to attend the Christian Women Luncheon’s where there was a guest speaker who made you feel so uplifted; I’m going to try to find them here where I live now, because I love bible study and I know the church we are going to has bible study, but the Christian Women’s club has several as well. 

So the break came after all, and I hope one came for you as well.  Good things are happening and Joy and Love are beginning to show themselves in abundance.  My daughter got the homeland security job she got her degree in so she is really really happy and our kids are just thriving. 

I know that there will always be storms, but after listening to the pastor and hearing him talk about building my foundation on the rock and how it will stand the test of time, I feel renewed. 

I wanted to thank all of my friends and family for all of their wonderful, caring thoughts because they made a HUGE difference.  And to that one person who had negative thoughts for me, I refuse to accept that negativity, to continue it’s growth, to be a part of it’s manifestation.  It only grows if I let it.

I am a positive person because I have this outlet to think through the things that happen to me.  I absolutely have the right to write about bad days, so that I can pour my thoughts out on the canvas and arrange them into a more positive frame of mind.  This is where I put to bed my angers, fears and frustrations.  This is where I lay down my burden so that when I am with friends and family, I can be strong.  I can be a leader and motivator and walk the path that God has determined for me. 

I’m getting the book “Angels” by Billy Graham in tomorrow.  I read it a long time ago, but I want to reread it this week because I think it will help me to remember that I am truly not alone.  Besides all of my good and loving friends, there are God’s angels who serve and protect all of his children and in the coming weeks, I think they will be standing guard to help me build my spirit so that it can go where it must. 

I thank God every day of my life for everything that He created because it was created through His immense love and passion for all that has the potential to be beautifully fruitful in love and nature.  I do not ask why bad things happen to good people, I know there is a purpose and that ultimately the only thing that matters is that we are loved and if we are open to it, we can feel that love and let it surround us and take care of us.  I will stand in the light of my life and I will love in the reflection of my creator. 

One of the most powerful things I have ever read was a saying I found on a bookmark.  It was a picture of Jesus on the cross and it said, “I love you this much.” 

 How beautiful that He made such an effort, withstood all of the torture of all of the soldiers and all of the people, many who had been His followers and were now recanted due to fear and insecurity.  He stood up for us and said that He was doing this because he wanted to show us that someone cared enough for each and every one of us to do the right thing.  He died for us to tell us we would never be alone again.  And if that wasn’t enough, He forgave every person that had done this to Him and prayed to His Father for mercy and compassion for them. 

To love and be loved.  After what our brother Jesus did, it’s the least we can do to tell Him we get the message.

Onward and Upward! Have a great weekend!!!


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