Operation Blankets of Love

Okay everybody, I’m calling you to action.  I know all of us love our animals. I have two: a ruddy somali kitten named Nikki and a rescue ragdoll/somali mix kitten named Jack.  They have kitty beds and toys and a warm to sleep but many cats  and dogs do not.  Funding is just not there for the shelters to provide them.  That’s where we come in…..

So, if you have extra blankets or pet beds or toys that you don’t plan to use, please leave a comment here and I will contact you to collect them.  I plan to donate them to local shelters and pet stores that are housing foster pets so that these animals may have comfort while they are waiting to be adopted.  It is proven that if people see animals nesting in warm blankets, they are more apt to adopt them. 

The holidays are coming and I think it’s important that our furry friends find joy in the season and one way that that can happen is if we all pitch in. So here’s hoping that whatever you’ve got, you’ll give…..

Joy and Peace,

Mary Lovill


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