It Feels So Good to be Home

Today, I found my church.  There has never been a time when I have enjoyed coming together and hearing the word of God as I did today.  Every moment was teary or laughter through tears because I felt like I had finally come home.  Woody reacted the same way and after the service was over we made our way to the reverend and joined what is now our church.

I’m going to post this and then come back because Woody fell asleep waiting for me to write out the grocery list…He will fuss if he sees I have lost my way… right back!!!

Well, it’s Monday, so I apologize for not coming right back but it was a wonderful day and I couldn’t tear myself away.  Dad came over to watch the game and my daughter came over as well.  We bar-b-qued and just had the best time.  The saints lost unfortunately, but considering they’ve had a bullseye on their back all season, I don’t think too many people are upset about it.  Sean Payton is a great coach and the team rocks. 

We all got to say happy birthday to my son.  He is in Fort Huachuca right now, training.  He will be deployed to Afghanistan at the top of the year.  God bless all of our men and woman out there giving their best for our country.  He is passionate about what he does and I think that in life, doing something you love is really importatt.   I am so proud of him. 

Well, I’ve gotta run. Lot’s of good stuff happening today.  I hope your day is filled with miracles, things that take your breath away and make you feel glad to be alive.  If they don’t happen on their own, think of ways you can bring those opportunites about.  The world is full of them.  Walt Disney believed that we should always Keep moving forward, that life was for living, creating, and growing as people. You are important to this world and without your light shining in it, we are all just a little less…

Have a great Week!

Onward and Upward!!!


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