The Rains Have Come


There are lots of good things happening after what seemed like an eternity of trouble. 

God is constantly working on all of his children to prepare them for what lies ahead.  I’ve learned so much in the past few years and I’m not the same person I was, thank God. 

Works in progress, our rough edges are hewn to a glistening sheen, and as such, we become calmer, more wise in our endeavors, or so we hope.

But you know, as a work in progress, one thing you figure out is that when you are being formed, forged and shaped, you are not in your final environment.  You also realize that if your are a work in progress, it would make no sense for the finished piece to be cast aside.  This is why Jesus tells us that just as we are being prepared, our place in our Father’s Kingdom is being prepared as well.  My goodness, how exciting is that news?  That we were made for better things and that as we learn and grow, we become that much closer to all of the joy and abundance God has created for us. 

Every time you love your neighbor, your friends, your family, God and His Nature and His Universe, you are that much closer.  And you are not closer because someone is keeping score.  You are closer because you are polishing the stones your creator has just smoothed through adversity.  It makes sense that it all happens for a reason, all of it.

Now a word on Hell.  I don’t believe for a second that it is fire and brimstone.  I don’t care what anybody says, I think that this is  an entirely metaphorical statement.  I believe that it serves no purpose to punish anyone for all eternity.  I don’t believe God would ever do that to anyone.  I do think that he would leave those people who refuse help and refuse to pick themselves up to each reside side by side in a place where if they don’t work together, they don’t prosper.  Kind of like it would be if all of the people that said, “Yes, God I love you,”  or the people that had potential because they appreciated the world around them and all the good things in it  went to heaven and the people who didn’t were left to fend for themselves. 

I think he consistently tells us not to judge because it is not for us to say who goes to heaven and who doesn’t.  It is simply our job to love him and live the best life, following His will, that we can.  As Jesus dined with people no one cared about, showed them love, we should not offer condemnation but hope to all that live.  We are all cut from the same cloth, some have just lost their way.  I’m also not saying that you have to spend every day trying to change a heart that does not want to be changed, but I’ve never seen the point in name calling or hate.  Will it make that person any better?  Does it make you any better?  What is the purpose?

I’m at a point that when I get angry with someone, I am not so mad at the action any more as I am at the fact that I have allowed myself to react negatively.  It is always important to stand up for what you believe in, but Ghandi had it all right when he told us what Jesus meant by “turn the other cheek.”  It doesn’t mean that you should let someone continually hit you (metaphorically speaking), but it does mean that you should continue forward in what you believe even if you keep getting struck down.  Never give up on yourself or what you believe in.  Jesus did that by never recanting one thing His Father sent Him to do.  They tortured him, they beat him, and they nailed him to a tree and yet he remained firm.  He witnessed for His Father even as He hung there dying, delivering the young man hanging next to Him into Paradise. 

And after he died, the veil between heaven and earth split and the rains came.  And now so many new opportunites, so many good things are waiting for those with an open heart.  The news, the big picture, is good.  As they say on a warm summer afternoon, in a cool crisp lake, “Come on in, the water is fine.” 🙂

Many people were upset that the savior that they had been waiting for was not a great general that would wipe their enemies off of the planet.  It went against their very nature to hear Jesus lessons of love and forgiveness.  Meanwhile many of the enemies were fearful that His arrival was the final countdown of their existence.  Jesus had so much against him while he walked the countryside spreading His Father’s word.  And yet, two thousand years later, His Words endure.  The power of love, positive energy defeating negative energy; after all isn’t that what it is all about…

Love you, have a great day and enjoy the rain when it comes, it is refreshment for the body and soul, it is a positive thing:)

Onward and Upward!


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