The Journey of Thomas and Sammy

Yesterday I went to get Rosie the train, which is one of the entourage of engines in Thomas’s land of Sodor.  Kohl’s just opened up near my house and they have created what they call a “Toybox,” which is really just the section they sell toys in.  Imagine my suprise when all the Thomas stuff was 35% off.  So, instead of buying Rosie, I got a Thomas add on that came with Thomas, a bathtime boat that holds a squeeze Thomas, and James the pull back engine, which does not ride on tracks, but as the name implies, you pull him backwards and he shoots forwards towards his destination.  Needless to say he was very pleased.

Here’s the thing.

When he turned two, his paw paw asked me what he should get him for Christmas and I told him he loved Thomas and that there was a track system that came with Thomas.  He purchased it for Sam, and Woody (my husband) put it together.  Sam immediately tore it apart, carrying the pieces everywhere, untill eventually my husband just put everything in the closet that he could find. 

Two weeks ago Sam turned three.  Almost immediately he went to the closet and pulled out his Thomas Train set and tried to put it together.  He and his Daddy worked together and found every part, but since then we had bought a table for him to play on and now the set was too big.  Woody downsized it, but a turn in the track was needed to complete the route Thomas would take.  Thomas, as well, had taken a beating and was missing his top half and his battery was exposed.  Now, for me to find a small set that had the exact piece of track to complete Thomas’s trek, as well as come with the Thomas that fit on that track was amazing.  And to get it for about 12 bucks, well I sincerely thank God for excellent product placement, and for being at the right place at the right time.  As I write Sammy is playing with Thomas and discovering all of the neat track switches and ins and outs of the train set.  Now all I have to do is find the engineer hat his paw paw bought him:)

I guess that I jumped the gun intitially, in suggesting the set so early, but at the time I was stressed by the fact that there might not be a later to do it for him if the adoption hadn’t gone through.  I lived on that ledge for a very long time and now it feels so good just to watch him progress and be happy, knowing that Woody and I will always be there for him.  Shawn and Fallon are such strong role models for him and he simply adores his Paw Paw.  His MiMi is also always thinking of him, calling to talk to him and sending presents and clothes whenever she can.  His Godparents also love him very much and so it goes.  His support system is a strong one; there are so many here to guide him. 

And watching him bloom is the most incredible feeling in the whole world.

All aboard, it’s time for the adventure of our lives:)

Onward and Upward!


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