Putting the Kitten Issue to Bed

If I buy a cat from you I expect you to live up to the contract we signed.  If I send you proof of spay certified mail, I expect you to send me my paperwork, not just pretend that my certified letter never came to your house. Two notices to go to the post office to pick it up are recorded by my tracking number.

After I complain in my journal about everything that has happened, you  have your son email me and pose as a friend of yours who has been to various shows where you have competed (I have the emails) and tell me that if he were you he would sue me for tarnishing your good name, even though I never metioned your name and everything that was written was the truth.  Then he calls one night and I come to the conclusion he is your son and ask him if he is your son and he admits it.

That same night his wife requests friendship on my facebook page and disappears the next day.   Jeez, is this really the way you always do business?  And you don’t have the slightest idea why I’d be frustrated?  Really?

How I expect people to act in business:

I expect to deal with you and not your son who has nothing to do with the contract I signed.  When your son does take my proof of spay I don’t expect you to just blow me off saying that the letterhead looks “suspicious” to you.

I expect you, if my vet gives you his name and phone number on the spay confirmation letter,  to be professional enough to  know that you can not just ask the receptionist in the office if they can verify spay information.  You know that in any doctor’s office that is not legal or professional.  I know you know that you have to ask to speak to the Vet in question.  My vet has been waiting for months now for your phone call and every time I talk to him he says, “Nope, they haven’t tried to contact me yet.”

Then I’m asked to forward my receipt for the surgery to you because you claim you called the vet’s office and the receptionist says she can’t give you that information.  What?????

I am told that all of this is because shady characters come into your life all the time and buy cats at pet prices and then breed them.

Well, I’m not a shady person and since you keep saying you are going to call my vet and never do, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never see my papers even though I fufilled every single stipulation of my contract.

You think everybody just has 850 dollars to hand over for a cat and that it’s okay to treat them like they are criminals and accuse them of trying to be dishonest when  they did everything they were supposed to and moreso.  I paid that money well in advance of receiving my kitten, stupid on my part, but I hate, hate, hate, that you can’t trust people enough to believe they will do what they say they are going to do or be the people that they pretend to be.

My journal is meant to help me work out my feelings about things that happen in my life.  These are my thoughts and opinions about what has happened to me personally.  If you don’t want someone to write about something bad that you’ve done to them, don’t do that something bad.

It’s just that simple….

You’d be suprised at what I learned from this.  I will be more cautious of who I give my family’s hard earned money to. that’s the obvious lesson.  The real lesson is not unfamiliar to me, but obviously worth repeating.  Sometimes, you need to stop banging your head up against the wall and just give it up to God.  Sometimes, no matter how hard you try things are just going to go the way that they are going to go, and that’s all part of His plan. And that’s okay too, because after all, it is His plan and He knows how it’s all going to turn out.

Okay friends and family, that’s it for now, love ya,

Onward and Upward

P.S. If I ever do, by some miracle, get the papers, I’ll update here….


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