Venting with Venti or Still Don’t Have the Papers for My $850 Somali Kitten

I have to explain why I can not let this Somali kitten issue go.  To recap, I have entirely fufilled my end of the deal and the breeder refuses to send me the papers for my cat.  I have sent a certified letter with documents stating that my cat has been fixed withing the time limits stated by our contract, which she refused to pick up from the mailman or the post office.  Her grown son then told me he was trying to help get my papers for me and so I sent him the info and he told me that my vets letter looked faked.  He said he could have created something like that when he was ten.

They refused to call my vet for confirmation, even though he’s been given their names and has been waiting for them to call, and then they asked for an itemized receipt and when I send that,  its not good enough either.  I am told that they feel I want the papers because I want to breed my cat,as if she can’t write, “Not for Breeding” all over the paperwork, which TICA told me she is allowed to do.  I have also sent them overwhelming evidence that my cat is indeed spayed.

This is, in fact, why I want my cat’s papers:

1. In this age of economical turmoil 850 dollars is a lot of money.  Heck for most people, including us, in good times 850 dollars is a lot of money.  A week after I got my cat, she almost died and it has been therollercoaster from heck trying to get her better.  I never once asked for vet bill money or replacement of the cat, I did ask for my paperwork, because it is a seal of pedigree.

2.  My husband didn’t just go out in the back yard and pick money off the money tree to get the 850 for the cat.  He is a firefighter.  This is an example of one of the things that happened to him earning the money given to this breeder:

This was an incident where a fireball blew him out of a garage and onto the street.  So to say they earn their money would be an understatement.  But see, this is why I can’t let not gettting the papers for my kitten go.  My husband risks his life to support his family.  All I have to do is budget our money and take care of the family at home.  I made the decision to purchase the kitten and it was my personal decision to spend that much money.  Now, the breeder won’t honor her part of the bargain and send the paperwork.  So now I have no proof that she is even pedigreed.

This is not a mistake I make very often, but it is one I feel shame about because  this picture reminds me of how my husband earned that money.

3.  When we let bad things happen to ourselves and we don’t say anything, we are at least partially responsible when they happen to someone else.  What I want this breeder to realize is that it is one thing to show your cats at cat shows, but that is not how you are defined as a person.  You are defined as a person by your actions toward other people.  I was her customer and she treated me badly, but she refuses to accept responsibility for that, or to even try to work with us to resolve the problem.  She sees herself as faultless in this situation and until she calls my vet and has that conversation with him, or simply abides by the paperwork I have sent her, she has amends to make.

Until then, in my humble opinion, she is the Somali Cat breeder who chose not to make things right.  And if she can live with what she has done, I guess I don’t have much choice in the matter,  but I do have a voice.  I don’t want anyone else to be made to feel or experience what I have. Get references from other breeders and really know what you are getting into.  Have a good experience, by doing your research.  I thought I had, but I didn’t talk to other breeders and get references and I really should have.  850 is a lot of money and the emotion you tie into your new kitten is even greater.  I was enamored because the breeeder took her cats to cat shows and marshalled causes for cat defects.  I never imagined that any of this would have happened to me.  All I am saying is that you can’t be too excessive in doing your research.  A good breeder will not mind because they care about the welfare of your kitten as well….

Well my venti gingerbread latte is gone and my vent has ended….Ya’ll have a great Saturday:)

Onward and Upward!


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