Merry Christmas….Be Proud to Pass it Along!

I just got an interesting email from my mom in law that included a song written about how it was time to take back Christmas. 

I agree.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Saviour and it his birth that we celebrate.  We as Christians chose this day to stand united in order to honor Our God, Our Creator and His most Holy Son, Jesus Christ.

Many of us did indeed come to this country in order to be able to worship as we chose.  These past years have been full of how we should sit down and shut up and not speak of our God.  There are those working hard to erase our God, but I have news for them.  God is alive and well.  He does not exist because people believe, but we exist because HE believes in us.

Merry Christmas and Happy birthday dear Jesus.  I promise to hold fast to the lessons you have left us and to be proud of you and my Father in Heaven. 

Onward and Upward


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