A Fish With No Water

I’m sure that everyone has now seen noattacks.org’s commercials in which they suffocate a fish to prove a point about asthma.  It is the one that comes on directly after the boy that informs little children that may be watching that there are monsters everywhere.  They have been showing over and over renlentlessly. They are everywhere on every channel.   I hated them the first time I saw them, and now I don’t even want to turn the television on anymore.

Would you try to drown an animal to prove a point?  I’m sure the answer is no, so why on God’s green earth would you suffocate a fish? It doesn’t send a message, it makes the point that the people who create these message are heartless,  not only to the animal itself that they tortured, but to the viewing audience that has to watch it over and over and over and over and over, well, you get the point.

While my mother was carrying me, and after as a child growing up, my parents chain smoked like there was no tomorrow.  The walls in my child home were yellow so you can imagine what the inside of my lungs looked like.  As a result, I was a sickly child and there were times when I was so sick that I could not get enough air in my lungs to breath.  I know exactly how the children they are speaking about feel, because I was one of them.  But I am here to say, that is not how I would want people to be moved to help me.  Both commercials are horrible nightmares and would terrify the very children they are trying to help.  Maybe the idea wasn’t thought through throuroughly enough; maybe the people making the commercials don’t understand the children they are trying to help enough to know that this is a terrible way to represent them. 

Please, please, please take these commercials off the air.  They break the very tenant of our hearts: First, do no harm.  If you want people to realize the problem kids have with asthma, showing a fish fighting to breath is not the way.  My son loves Nemo, the movie.  Every time we go to the pet store we have to go straight to the aquariums to see the fish.  I know Nemo is an clown fish, but my child points at the gold fish every time and says “Nemo mommy, Nemo.” 

Stop Killing Nemo in front of me and my son. Please…


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