This Just in: The Lunatics Now Have The Keys to the Asylum

First of all, I have to say that there is nothing that Charlie Sheen could say or do that could top Brad Pitt’s performance as a crazy person in “Twelve Monkeys.”  That movie rocked for me and never in my life will I be able to erase the phrase, “Free colonics for everybody!” from my brain.  In fact, I’m glad Charlie kept it together until way after the film was made as any exposure to it by Brad Pitt may have hurt the performance piece.

That aside, this article is inspired by many of the crazy happenings in and about our global community. 

For instance:  There is a show on the Food Network called, ” Chopped” where 4 contestants vie to win money by speed cooking their way to the winner’s circle.  James Glick was right, the era of “faster and faster” is definately here.  This is probably part of the reason we are all warped in one way or the other.  How could you not be when you are challenged to zoom past the speed of sound in order to attain society’s idea of success. 

Anyway, this was a Food Network celebrities challenge.  It was the last round and two contestants remained.  They were about to announce the winner, when the show did a flash back and one of the chefs said, ” I would kill a litter of puppies to win this $50,000.00.”  And then they show him win.  I was in shock, my jaw hit the floor.  It’s amazing what gets rewarded these days.

Okay, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  I asked my bipolar friend (who has been successfully taking meds and is an awesome human being) if he thought Charlie Sheen was bipolar.  His answer was “at least.”  My answer to that question is this:  I think Charlie Sheen should be, and I know this is used a lot these days, a cautionary tale.  He is the poster boy for meth and crack as well as alcohol addiction.  I don’t think that Charlie is a bad person, I think he got caught in a spider web of mind control drugs that have him in their grasp.  This is a catch 22 of sorts because unless you have someone help you to break free you can pretty much look forward to more of the same until you O.D. People want to help, but the drugs make you believe that you can’t trust anyone and there is a hierarchy here.  Generally the people that love you most are the ones you will push aside first and foremost because deep down inside you know they have the power to cut you free. 

And you ask the right question, “Why doesn’t the family step in and commit the person?”  Many tack on irresponsibility on the part of loved ones because they do not appear to be helping.  Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.  And this is important for family members to know:  You can not help someone who is not ready to be helped.  Martin Sheen for example, says nothing negative about his son and lifts him in prayer.  That’s all he can do.  You gotta believe that he wants to bust down the door to Charlie’s house and that secretly he grieves over what is happeneing to his child, but trying to help Charlie against his will at this point would only cause more stress and pain for a family who has lived “Shock and Awe” many times over.  Sometimes to just continue to love is all you can do.

I also think that it is important, in our own daily lives, to appreciate what it means to be in control and have the ability to to what we can to set each other up for success before it ever gets to the point that someone goes so AWOL on life and family.  Don’t accept, “I’d kill a litter of puppies to win,” as a norm.  Remember that your opinions matter.  What you say and what you do, the total picture of how you act influences more than just you. 

As for the tour Charlie is getting ready to do:  I would never in my life give someone more money to continue the cycle of pain in which his family dwells.  Besides, if any of you have seen “Sheen’s Korner,” think about what it would be like to be trapped in a room with that for two hours, my God.  The last time that many people were locked in a room with someone like Charlie they were forced to drink the Koolaid and were never heard from again.  Ah, there ya go, make the connection.  Got it? Good.

So in closing, in an upside down world where losing is winning, puppies are at risk to win a cooking show, and tigers are in danger of  being hunted for their blood by the wackadoos, I say it’s time to keep it in the reals and defer to Brad Pitt when he says,

“Free colonics for everyone!!!”

Seriously, great movie, if you haven’t seen it, Netflix probably can accomodate.

Straight jackets on stun, have a great Friday! 🙂

Onward and Upward


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