Japan in Crisis

Mother Earth being as alive as the symbiotic creatures who reside on her nuturing surface, sometimes with Cheetah like swifteness, erases human built creations as sandcastles taken by the tide.  It is this ebb and flow of movement that remind us just how mortal, how fragile this frame we use to sense her world truly is.

And yet as we are imbued with the ingredients of the world to create those frames, the sensing array we call the human body, we are also filled with the spirit of life, that which motivates us not only to make whole our physical existence, to rebuild, but to go even further, to reinvent, recreate and evolve what was washed from our sight.  This is what makes us immortal, that drive, that energy that spark given to us to want more for ourselves, and all life that we share the light of existence with.  We are all connected, all made of star stuff.

It saddens us that the people of Japan are going through such hardship, but as we mourn for them we must also stop and breathe together that human light that will most surely build a better global community for everyone.  And it doesn’t stop with Japan.  Love or hate your brother, we are all connected, we are all made the same, created by the same Father and nutured by the same Mother.  We must never forget that where there is love, where there is hope, there is no enemy, and always, a bright tomorrow..

God bless all those in need today,

Onward and Upward!


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