The New House

I’m sitting here on a Wednesday in our Aunt Olivia’s house, which sits behind the one we are building.  She has graciously allowed us to remain here until we move into the new one and then she will decide what she wants to do with this one.  As of now, she lives in Seattle, Washington, but life is a funny thing, so it will be interesting to see what happens with this place.  We have appreciated being able to stay here and will treat it with the utmost respect as we move into the new house because our family has been so good to us, and there is a lot of history here.

I am so excited that we will finally have our dream home.  Sammy has his own room, which is painted “robin’s egg” blue.  The name to me just sounded so warm and comforting, and I want Sam to feel as safe and secure in his room as he did nestled in his baby blue blankets as an infant.  If you can believe it, the color is even prettier than it’s name.  I’m planning to paint a mural for him as I did in this house, and I hope he is happy there for all of his formative years.

We planned a very open house with huge windows to capture as much natural sunlight as possible. Our kitchen and living room are divided by the fact that the living room has no first floor ceiling and rises to the heights of the roof.  I’ve always loved the Old New Orleans homes with high ceilings and I find comfort in combining the atmosphere of those homes into my own.  The homes in New Orleans were built that way because of the lack of the air conditioning, in an effort to keep their environments cooler.  Our home will incorporate three air conditioners, which will actually, I’m told, bring our electric bill down in cost, as our home will be more energy efficient this way.

There is to be a huge island in the middle of our kitchen, which will have electrical outlets and house our sink and dishwasher.  I love the beauty of undermount sinks with the cool smoothly sanded granite flow as it curves around the top of the stainless steel double sink.

For the first time in my life I will be cooking in a kitchen that Woody and I set up.  We will have an electric double oven wall unit with a gas cooktop next to it.  Our pantry is the perfect size and the island will more than fufill our need for space as we cook together.  Our cabinets will be a stained beet color, meant to imitate cherry wood and last but definately not least, we will have a refrigerator with a snack drawer for Sammy.  Chocolate milk, juices, fruit and lunchables should keep him a happy camper…

The master bedroom and bath are of our own design and it is killing us not to be in there yet, because it is everything we ever wanted.  There is a sitting area towards the front of the bedroom where we will have a seating arrangement, like maybe a sofa and loveseat, so that if we want to have a quiet area to read or use our laptops, we are set.

Cretin homes has this thing they call a romance package which we fell in love with.  Many bedrooms have cutouts where the ceiling is higher above the bed, but this one is framed with soft light as well.  The people in Cretin’s office love to tease about who actually came up with the idea, but whoever did, thank you very much.  It will give the room a soft, inviting glow and will really make the room feel like our ideal getaway:)

The closets are next as we journey towards the master bath.  They form a hall and are across from each other.  Mine is huge, and Woody has graciously selected the smaller one that shares an outcropping that forms the master bath linen closet.  But the bathroom, the crown jewel of our suited sanctuary, is truly amazing.

The floors, tub front and shower are ceramic tile in muted beiges and browns with a hint of russet.  The walls are a pearlescent white. And I have to tell you,  I’ve never lived in a home where the toilet has it’s own room, but there ya go.  It also has a light and an outlet for passing the time with technology as you take your daily bathroom break.  How awesome is that!  We have a jacuzzi right in the middle of the bathroom and a tiled walk in shower with seat to the right of the tub.  Right now I’m taking a shower in a tiny blue cubicle with a shower curtain held up by a pressure rod.  If you touch it, the shower curtain falls. If you move, the shower curtain falls. If you look at it funny….well you know…. So needless to say, my first song will be, “I’m in heaven, I’m in heaven.”

Also in the bathroom will be two sinks with cabinets.  Mine will have an area to sit and do make up.  The master bath counters will be granite.  Can you see me doing my happy dance?

I wanted a traditional dining room and I got it.  As you enter the house it will be to your right. This is where I will have my accent wall, which will be that “Morning Call” rich rustic Savannah Sunset color to set the mood to Lesse le bon temps roule!  And passing a good time with good friends and family is, after all, what it’s all about.  More than anything, I want the family to come together for holiday dinners.  I want this home to be full of love and light and I want the memories of things that happen here to last a lifetime.  And for this reason, we also incorporated a loft into our home.

As you pass the dining room and just before you reach the living room you will notice to your right  a set of stairs.  If you take them up you will notice again to your right, the loft.  It will be carpeted.  It is also totally exposed to the first floor.  It is the place where family games will take place.  It’s meant to be a place where imaginations soar.  As you walk past the loft if you keep on straight and then hook a right you will find the computer room or as Woody has dubbed it, “The Man Cave.”  I will have a place there, but he gets to decorate it and call it his own because, had you not gone straight but taken a left instead you would have run smack dab into my craft room, or as Woody has labeled it, “The Woman Cave.”  But before you reach my craft room you will see a Jack and Jill bathroom and a nice sized guest bedroom.

A Jack and Jill bathroom, for those who don’t know, and I didn’t until we built this house, is one in which there is a door that seperates the front of the bathroom from the back so one may wash there hands while another goes to the bath room or showers or bathes.  Don’t ask me why we went with it, because I’m not quite sure myself.  Perhaps it will reveal it’s worth to us as we live our day to day lives there.

So that’s pretty much the layout of the house.  There is a fireplace on the back wall of the house and a breakfast nook built into the far wall of the kitchen.  Sammy has his own bathroom and the laundry room sits next to it.  There is plenty of room for storage and the outside yard will be part nature trail for Sammy and part jungle gym as we have plans to add one perhaps for his birthday this year.

The outside is a really pretty Arkansas rose red with a buttery beige siding across the back.  As I sit and look at it, I long to spend my beginning  days placing the first thristy memories of moving day swiftly and softly into my pocket book of precious pearls.

So in these days of continuing frustration of what is happening with our country and what will happen, there are still good things going on, people are still smiling and stirring , hoping and embracing those moments that frame the fabulousness of our lives.

Enjoy your life, picture the perfect colors of interactions and they will be there for you.  God made it so that you could open the locks of your lives by discovering the key that is your heart.  As you are happy, so will we all be, for it only takes one to turn on the light.

Onward and Upward,

Thanks for everything, you rock!!!!


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