President Obama Seeks to Filch the Financially Fiscal

I was raised to respect the President of the United States, but these days it’s getting harder and harder.
Redistribution? Really? Or as I like to call it, let’s piss off the wealthy so that their purse strings tighten around the neck of our economy.
If you ask each American to pay in equal ratio according to their earnings, that is about as fair as you can be, all things considered. Think about it. As it is now, if you work less in this country, you pay less in to fix bridges and roads and pay less for schools, but you still feel just as entitled to the use of the products of tax collection. Certainly no one feels as they have less of a right to the benefits of these works and deeds, even those who pay nothing into the system at all. This country already works in favor of those who make less or earn nothing at all. I bought the cup, but you get to fill it and drink from it even if I don’t get any benefit at all. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.
And yet we want to place a fine on those who are more productive than those who are not because we think that this is a solution to our country’s deficit. Never mind that much of the money the wealthy spend provides jobs, goods and services that help our economy to grow in the first place.
Let’s see, what happens when you start making financial decisions for those folks that once did things for our country out of free will, because they felt like they were making a difference, giving back? What would you do?
Never mind that unfair is such a pale word for how morally and unethically sound the idea is. When we did it to the Indians, we painted a picture of their savagery and somehow managed to come out smelling sweet, but in reality, taking what doesn’t belong to you, especially when the owner has been ever generous with you in the first place will start a war between the classes that it will take generations to repair if it hasn’t brought our Nation to irreparable and total devastation.
You can’t tell people that in order to become successful in life you have to work hard and earn the mark you make in life, and then tell them, by the way, we are going to take what we want from you after you earn it and give it to those people who simply don’t have the drive to achieve as you do.
America has always stood as a proud nation, a people of innovation, a people that live to answer the call of solution to problem. If America falls it will be because of the rape of fruitful harvest perpetuated by this president against those who have worked so hard to protect her glory and her honor. I will not condone a president who feels its alright to lift the skirts of lady Liberty and have his way with her while those who feel the superiority of “entitlement” by virtue of no effort or motivation to better our community or world watch on, hands raised in salute to this maniacal monster.
I will be voting come next November and it will be for someone who will help our country back to her feet and back on her pedestal to rein once more as the shining jewel she was always meant to be. It will be a fine day, and I hope I will see you there…..
One last word – those of you who don’t have a job and have tried hard and can’t find one, you can thank the man who came up with the idea of pissing of those who hold the purse strings in the first place – President Barack Hussein Obama. Thanks for nothing Mr. President.
Onward and Upward


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