Mardi Gras Wreaths

I’m so excited that I’m pretty good at this:)

I started out wrapping basket handles and found it a fun way to decorate and make them look nicer before adding treasures inside, be it any occasion, so I thought, “If I can wrap handles, why can’t I wrap wreath forms?” And then my cardmaking skills, of what to add and what to take away, and oh yes, how to turn a mistake into a happy accident, all came into play.

The only problems I ran into are that Hobby Lobby puts out their crafting things for a particular season out way early (and sells out really quickly), and Michaels was sparse this year, so supplies where limited.

Even searching the internet for Jester dolls turned out to be maddening, as they were all sold out. I finally found some at Accent Annex and the people there are wonderful to deal with so it worked out. But, next year I will buy supplies early on so that I have more of a selection and I can be more creative.

But all in all, making wreaths for the Mardi Gras season has been a wonderful experience and I will continue on as the seasons change. Easter ho!

Onward and Upward!


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