God Bless This Mess (and I do mean the USA)


I am writing as part  of a  hard working middle class family. My husband was a firefighter for 31 years and I taught school. We are now retired.  First of all, get this straight Mr. Obama, NO THANK YOU, we do not want your Obamacare program.  Last time I looked, this was a democracy, by and for the people and we had a say. I have health insurance, but if I didn’t I would not purchase it just because you FORCED me too.

You are a bad president with many bad policies.  This country and its people go to war with each other each and every day now. This past four years have been agony for the majority of the people because of you; people are in pain because of your deeds. And then they see you laughing and smiling on television shows, in all the tv appearances you make and they feel like you are laughing at them.  And they, sir, see nothing funny here.  When you laugh and smile while this country is drowning in its own debt, it is in such bad taste.  You think you are so clever, like the man who laughs at the widow’s funeral while she cries in desperation and loss.

In good conscience I don’t know how you can call yourself our commander in chief because you have NOT earned that title.  It is a title meant for a President who values the constitution and its people and lets them have their voice. You have failed miserably at speaking for us.  Our country is in pain and crisis and it is because we trusted you and placed our constitution in your hands.  We feel betrayed Mr. Obama, I don’t know how you can’t feel the hurt and wounded peoples.  We put our lives in your hands and your broke us like a mean child playing with his toys.

Mr. Obama, there is only one other man who made me feel so frightened for our country and that sir, was David Duke. When I saw him talking politics, my blood ran cold because his real agenda, to cause and inflict pain was so evident.  When he was defeated running for govenor of our state, I felt relief, safe from the evil things he planned to do once he took office. I’m hoping sir, I will feel the same when you are voted out this year.

Because you sir, are the greater evil.  It wasn’t apparent that you were going to sabotage our constitution.  It’s as if we have given the keys to our country to a drunken driver with the certain destiny of leaving death and destruction in his wake. I wish I were exaggerating.  I truly, truly wish.


The truth of the matter is that the minute you took office, you picked up the constitution, walked to the bathroom, closed the door behind you and didn’t use it for reading material.  Since then it has been used over and over for the same purpose.  Why wouldn’t we the people be upset?  The constitution is not just a piece of paper, it is every living breathing human being it encompasses.  So it kind of explains what you’ve been doing to us all.  There may have been a worse president somewhere in the line – up, but to me you are the worst because I am living during your reign and the things your are doing right now are making the people weep and gnash their teeth.

I say reign because you have forgotten that you do not rule, that you are supposed to do what we say.  You have failed to even listen.  If you did, you would not be campaigning, you would be resigning.  You do have a few supporters left, but Jim Jones mislead as well, and those people, who were loving and good people did not realize until too late that they had sadly backed the wrong horse. My heart goes out to them, and I pray that this mistake is not repeated by the people who follow you now.

My views are not based on Democrat or Republican or black or white or young or old.  They are based on watching people suffer while you laugh and joke your way to their total annilation of house, home, job and ability to live a quality life. And then to speak for them and say, Oh the middle class, they are doing just fine.  If you could feel the pain you caused, it would bring you to your knees. It is not a joke when a family has to use a child’s college fund to survive.  But you just laugh and laugh, play golf and vacation as if everything was going to be alright.  That’s where the anger comes from Mr. Obama. It’s not funny when someone loses their house and their life and all their hopes and dreams.  You did this, as surely as a thief in the night, come to rob them of the right to the freedoms and liberties that come with living a life  born fruitful by the work ethic. Look in the mirror, Mr. Obama.  You are a very bad man.

The only thing you have done that I can give you credit for is to divide us as a people, in a way that has not happened since 1861.  Before you were elected, I taught school and I can tell you that the children, and I taught a very diverse group across the board, black, white, all incomes, all denominations, with parents red and blue and independent as well accepted each other, no one fought because of race, money, or parental views.  Now I look around this country and you can’t swing a stick without hitting someone who wants to fight about all of the above.  Mission accomplished, Mr. President, well done.  Your one and only accomplishment, divide us as a people, so that we are so busy fighting that we can’t see you tearing down our flag and hoisting your own.  Total and absolute power.  I can’t say that Hitler did that or Napoleon, because I don’t think they really did, to the extent you have.  Congratulations, Prez, you have set a NEW low.  I hope the people do see the common enemy, Mr. Obama, before it is too late and bond together to find a way to mend the hopes and the hearts of our people. I know its not too late. Just one vote per person ought to do it…And then we shall laugh and dance as you are handed your hat and sent packing.  Don’t let the door hit you, where the good Lord sit you. Don’t come back now, ya’ll hear?

Oh and by the way, we the middle class, are not doing FINE sir. Do not speak for us.

Sincerely, Mary Lovill Supporter of  The Continental Congress and the Constitution of The United States of America

I am proudly one of “We the People.”


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