Enough With the “I killed Osama Bin Laden with my bare hands,” Crap

Frankly, we all know in our hearts that Al-Qaeda did not care that we killed Osama Bin Laden. Although he was a figurehead for a time, in his later years Osama Bin Laden had become old, feeble and worn out and more to the point, I think his death was a gift to a weak president from the terrorist group in order to keep the masses satisfied with a potus who’s judgement is at best, flawed. This is no disrespect to the Navy Seals who did their job with great skill and care, this is rather a statement to suggest that the lack of using Osama Bin Laden’s name as a war cry and the relative silence on the issue from Al-Qaeda speaks volumes about the last purpose the radicals put in place for their dead hero.  Mr. Obama took this as having “Al-Qaeda on it’s heels.” That’s just what this group wants us to think.

It is in Al-Qaeda’s best interest to keep Obama in power.  It is in the best interest of all radicals and they will do what they can to aid with the re-election attack on America, possibly the biggest and best terrorist plot of all, as in the end many more Americans will suffer at the hands of their own government than they could ever accomplish on their own. Think about what a great irony; no money spent from their coffers and they get to sit back and watch the total destruction of the American regime. And a regime it is, as this president sees fit to use presidential athority at his whim to constantly circumvent the will of the people, to their detriment as we have seen on a daily basis.

The only problem is that Obama is not quite as wily a president as they had foreseen.  He made the critical mistake of foreshadowing future events by causing the death of four Americans in Benghazi.  The lack of tough leadership, the turning of a deaf ear on our own embassy who requested for months that extra security be placed, is nothing short of inept and is directly responsible for these deaths as if the president had held the arms and fired the ammunition that killed these men.  After that, nothing else matters.

Obama has not kept any of his promises to the American people, not even the one that said he would not run again if he could not keep his promises. This in itself should say enough, but sadly, there is a more poignant point to be made here.  Even if he had kept his promises, he killed four people.  Hannibal Lector had a brilliant mind, but would you elect him president?

So every time I hear Mr. Obama tell the world that he killed Osama Bin Laden, which is everytime someone poses a question with any substance for him to answer I think, “Did you really get him?  Or did he think he got you and America in the end?”  Which will it be America? I charge that the answer is with you. Will you keep Al-Qaeda happy and growing? Or will you vote with me in choosing someone who will take responsibility for his actions, will stay in contact with the American People, not by mingling with celebrities, but by addressing us face to face, no middle men? Someone who will make decisions that make our country a strong force to be reckoned with, inside out, with the spirit that built this country and made her great….God Bless America!

Please Get Out On Election Day and Rock The Vote!

Onward and Upward


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October 21, 2012 · 12:15 pm

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