The Logic of Jesus

The Last Supper

As I sit here, on this cool, crisp December day, I first want to give thanks to God, who gives life, and every breath we take thereafter, to each and every one of us here on planet Earth.

An aside to the atheists. Everyone owes their existence to someone. The logic of science offers proof of the knowledge of God. Even if you believe we were an accident of fate, we still come from a parent fabric. There is an innate longing to know all we can about that fabric and when God says we are a reflection of him, it is because he has instilled that desire for us to create that causation, that fruitfulness that exists within our souls. We are lost without it. If we are idle, we decay and die. If you are a person of logic, it will lead you to God every time. That creation that you are was meant to find answers by searching for them. When you say I believe in God, you are saying, I believe I was created. There is not one thing on this earth that was not created by something or someone. Just because God is simplified in terms that our minds can perceive, that does not merit a case for disbelief in Him. One who creates will always deserve respect from His creation.

Political correctness, in my humble estimation, is also at fault for many misunderstandings. We say He when speaking about our creator, because it is easier for our minds to build a construct of our creator by giving Him the characteristics of the male of our species. Someone who takes care of us with strong arms and able body. In times of war, the number of male babies born is always increased as a defense mechanism to sustain our communities. We were not given these capabilities to argue about them or to cause division, but to unite us as a people in order to promote and extend our progeny into the future. It all makes sense when you think about it, and that is what is important now. That we think about what we are fighting about, and not what our next insult will be.

I do believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that He is Divine because our Father implanted in Him a knowledge that He wanted passed on to His children on earth. Yes, the books that were put together to make up the Bible were done so by man and for their own reason. But God, in His infinite wisdom, is the master weaver, and with or without the compiler’s knowledge, we have a knowledge of our history in the Old Testament, and a primer for controlling our own behavior in the New Testament.

People look back and want to give examples of mythical systems of belief that have come and gone as an example that Christianity should be thought of in the same light. The problem with that is that true light shines through the words of Jesus Christ and proves them to be true and just. When many think of the miracles He performed, they try to find ways to disprove them, but the parables, the teachings that His Father, our Father, instilled in Him to give to us are what truly makes Him the Son of God. I know that anytime I have a conflict, I can remember one of His stories and my heart and my mind immediately unite and it is like a key that opens up a lock; the answer is there. Again, logic dictates that if these stories, which are older than 2000 years, serve to bring out the best in mankind, than they must have true merit. These Words which make us whole, are the way to the kingdom of God. It’s not an emotional argument here, it is common sense: Jesus Christ IS the Son of God.

I was sitting down to write how I felt about the Phil Robertson drama that is playing out right now and God led me to say a whole lot more. He always does. What He wants you to know will come out and it will survive. Never be afraid that someone can take His voice away from you, because there is no earthly creature that can do that. He will always be with you and He will always love you. No. Matter. What.

And as for the Phil Robertson drama. He has a right to say what he believes. He doesn’t have a right to take action on that belief, but he does have a right to say it. We are not to judge, lest we be judged means that you can hold certain beliefs, but you can’t commit hate crimes in order to justify(in your mind) those beliefs. In other words, you can’t bomb an abortion clinic because you don’t believe in abortion, but you are entitled to the belief that abortion is wrong. You may believe something is a sin and you have every right to express your opinion, but God knows every individual’s heart and deals with every single one of us on His own terms.

Your job is to love that person, no matter what. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and only He can know the personal fate of each and every one of us. What we can know is that if we accept Him in our hearts and devote ourselves to Him, He will always be there for us. Of that we can be certain; God’s love is the same today, as it was yesterday, and as it will be tomorrow. Amen.

So in conclusion, it is our job to love. It is not our job to hate or place ourselves above each other. Had Cain simply loved Abel, He would have known more happiness than his heart desired. We were put here to cause evolution within ourselves and our community, to rise above and learn from adversity. We are here to grow. Feelings and emotions are not arbitrary. We can control and design them to be beautiful notes in a the great symphony of life. When you feel angry or divided from others, step out of yourself and ask the questions that change your emotions, in other words, tune your instrument in such a manner that it creates happiness and serenity in your heart and in the hearts of others. Reflect that in those who challenge you, cause union rather than disharmony. Dissonance has it’s place, and there is a beauty and purpose for it’s existence as well,  but it should be a well ordered place that YOU choose, not that you let fate chaotically release from your soul. Write your soul song well, and it will prove to calm the waters of our world. It will prove your life’s existence and it will please God well.

Merry Christmas and love to all,

Mary Lovill



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