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This is What a Good Breeder Looks Like

Last Friday, I brought home a CFA Abyssinian male kitten,because my female Somoli needed a playmate and life just isn’t as awesome without having more than one of the smartest cats around. The breeder took her time, interviewing me and called my vet to make sure I was a good candidate. She asked me to send a picture of the front of my house, I think to make sure I was who I said I was and that the kitten had a good home.  She sent me tons of pictures of the kittens and sent me links to sites, so that I could backtrack parentage if I so felt. She told me that if I ever wanted to return him for any reason at all, at any time she would take him back, no problems asked.

Of course I fell in love with his pictures, who wouldn’t fall in love with this face:


Here is the best part. I paid the same amount to the good breeder for Gio, my Aby, that I did to the less than on the level breeder for the sick somali kitten who almost died. Of course after that, the Vet bill for the procedures that saved her life were enourmous.  I  then had to spend money to have Nikki, my first kitten spayed, and the kicker is that  the first breeder refused even after recieving certified letters from my vet saying the kitten was spayed to give me the papers. She told me she had them, I just wasn’t getting them. She told me that she thought I faked my doctor’s paperwork and that I was a liar with mental problems.  In order to save my own sanity and protect my quality of life with my family at home, I had to just give up and live with what had happened to me.  The shame is that these people will never see what they are doing as wrong.  They will always put the blame on the victims.  Even to the point that they will claim that they are going to sue you, just like anyone that enjoys hurting someone else says, “If you tell, I will make sure you regret it.” The moral of this story is, stay clear of them and find people that are actually going to enjoy the precious life that they have nutured and loved having a forever home and a forever family that loves them. Can’t be any clearer than that.   Lesson Learned.

My Aby kitten cost from the good breeder? No additional money and the breeder sent him home already neutered!  The first breeder gave me a booklet that looked like she had written all the shots in, and the second breeder gave me actual paperwork from her vet (vet’s letterhead on the bills)  and she asked me to make sure I gave those to my vet, so they would know how to take care of him. She also had him chipped at no additional charge to me. This is a lady that really cares about her cats.

I saw the queen, who she had flown to Italy to purchase and bring home and the Sire who was just gorgeous.  And best of all Giovanni (Gio) for short, was perfect in every way.  He acted and still acts like a show cat, his temperment is even and he is so loving and so playful.  She had no problem talking to me about CFA paperwork, although I am never going to pursue that because he is so healthy and all in all just a wonderful kitten.

The only reason I wanted the paperwork from the first breeder is that she was so dishonest with me in many ways and she gave me a kitten she knew was sick and then sold other people sick kittens as well.  If she had no conscience in selling me a sick kitten, then how could I trust her about the fact that the kitten was indeed a purebred.

I have never and will never tell anyone in these blogs who the first breeder is because I know that if you do your own research and listen to your own heart, you will make the right decision concerning what a good breeder is and how to take the extra time to make sure that you find the right one for you.

I will however link you to the good breeder because she is a shining example of everything a breeder should be and if you would like to own a wonderful Aby in the future and you live in this area, she is great place to start.  She only has a couple litters a year, so her Abys have plenty of living space and she loves and cares about each and every kitten in her litter.  Gio is such wonderful proof of that.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love Nikki, my somali.  She has my heart in her paws, and my husband and I bonded so strongly with her nursing her back from the brink of death.  I would never have returned her back to the first breeder, and that’s pretty much what those kind of breeders count on.  If you ever watch People’s Court, you know Judge Milian looks at those breeders sternly in the eyes and then looks at the victims and tells them, the problem is that I can grant your petition, but then you have to give back the cat or dog.  No one ever wants to do that because they either have bonded with the animal or don’t want to put the animal back in the situation.  But the law is very clear.  If it is not a genetic defect, which is something you can sue for, the only option is to return the cat to get your money and vet bills paid.  She has sympathy (Judge Milian), but there is really nothing a judge can do, because of how the laws are written.  So that’s why I write this stuff here.  Because the only option you have, is to research and find a good breeder.  If you don’t buy from breeders that sell sick cats, they can’t make a profit and they will not be able to endanger the health of these beautiful creatures.

After my first cat, I spent time looking for my puppy, Ronin and ended up shipping him down from Missouri because the breeder was very open and just really wanted the best for each and every puppy she sold.  She also priced her puppy very reasonably and included the air fare, so that he (australian shepherd) still did not cost me as much as the first breeder charged me for my sick kitty.  What I’ve learned is that when you see people that are less motivated by money and more motivated by the welfare of your animal, you are on the right track.  If they share their woes of breeding with you, and talk about how hard it is for them,  and don’t live in the joy of what they are doing, that would be the wrong one.

Don’t ever be so motivated to buy an animal that you overlook the warning signs.  Bringing home an animal to become a family member should be a joyful endeavor. Every minute of my interaction with Gio, my Aby kitten, and his  breeder was uplifting and an exciting adventure.  If it’s not, back off and try elsewhere. That’s the lesson I learned, and the one I am sharing with you.

Happy Kitten and Puppy hunting!

P.S. I would like to thank my Vets at Riverside Veterinary for saving Nikki’s life.  They did not stop until she was out of danger and without the wonderful care they have provided for my pets over the years our family would not be as joyful in our travels together as humans and pets.  If you are looking for a good Vet in this area, their number is 985-626-PAWS.

Here is the link for Absolute Abyssinians:



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Life with a Somali Or a Typical Day in the Life of Nikki Lovill

Life with a Somali Or a Typical Day in the Life of Nikki Lovill.

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