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This is What a Good Breeder Looks Like

Last Friday, I brought home a CFA Abyssinian male kitten,because my female Somoli needed a playmate and life just isn’t as awesome without having more than one of the smartest cats around. The breeder took her time, interviewing me and called my vet to make sure I was a good candidate. She asked me to send a picture of the front of my house, I think to make sure I was who I said I was and that the kitten had a good home.  She sent me tons of pictures of the kittens and sent me links to sites, so that I could backtrack parentage if I so felt. She told me that if I ever wanted to return him for any reason at all, at any time she would take him back, no problems asked.

Of course I fell in love with his pictures, who wouldn’t fall in love with this face:


Here is the best part. I paid the same amount to the good breeder for Gio, my Aby, that I did to the less than on the level breeder for the sick somali kitten who almost died. Of course after that, the Vet bill for the procedures that saved her life were enourmous.  I  then had to spend money to have Nikki, my first kitten spayed, and the kicker is that  the first breeder refused even after recieving certified letters from my vet saying the kitten was spayed to give me the papers. She told me she had them, I just wasn’t getting them. She told me that she thought I faked my doctor’s paperwork and that I was a liar with mental problems.  In order to save my own sanity and protect my quality of life with my family at home, I had to just give up and live with what had happened to me.  The shame is that these people will never see what they are doing as wrong.  They will always put the blame on the victims.  Even to the point that they will claim that they are going to sue you, just like anyone that enjoys hurting someone else says, “If you tell, I will make sure you regret it.” The moral of this story is, stay clear of them and find people that are actually going to enjoy the precious life that they have nutured and loved having a forever home and a forever family that loves them. Can’t be any clearer than that.   Lesson Learned.

My Aby kitten cost from the good breeder? No additional money and the breeder sent him home already neutered!  The first breeder gave me a booklet that looked like she had written all the shots in, and the second breeder gave me actual paperwork from her vet (vet’s letterhead on the bills)  and she asked me to make sure I gave those to my vet, so they would know how to take care of him. She also had him chipped at no additional charge to me. This is a lady that really cares about her cats.

I saw the queen, who she had flown to Italy to purchase and bring home and the Sire who was just gorgeous.  And best of all Giovanni (Gio) for short, was perfect in every way.  He acted and still acts like a show cat, his temperment is even and he is so loving and so playful.  She had no problem talking to me about CFA paperwork, although I am never going to pursue that because he is so healthy and all in all just a wonderful kitten.

The only reason I wanted the paperwork from the first breeder is that she was so dishonest with me in many ways and she gave me a kitten she knew was sick and then sold other people sick kittens as well.  If she had no conscience in selling me a sick kitten, then how could I trust her about the fact that the kitten was indeed a purebred.

I have never and will never tell anyone in these blogs who the first breeder is because I know that if you do your own research and listen to your own heart, you will make the right decision concerning what a good breeder is and how to take the extra time to make sure that you find the right one for you.

I will however link you to the good breeder because she is a shining example of everything a breeder should be and if you would like to own a wonderful Aby in the future and you live in this area, she is great place to start.  She only has a couple litters a year, so her Abys have plenty of living space and she loves and cares about each and every kitten in her litter.  Gio is such wonderful proof of that.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love Nikki, my somali.  She has my heart in her paws, and my husband and I bonded so strongly with her nursing her back from the brink of death.  I would never have returned her back to the first breeder, and that’s pretty much what those kind of breeders count on.  If you ever watch People’s Court, you know Judge Milian looks at those breeders sternly in the eyes and then looks at the victims and tells them, the problem is that I can grant your petition, but then you have to give back the cat or dog.  No one ever wants to do that because they either have bonded with the animal or don’t want to put the animal back in the situation.  But the law is very clear.  If it is not a genetic defect, which is something you can sue for, the only option is to return the cat to get your money and vet bills paid.  She has sympathy (Judge Milian), but there is really nothing a judge can do, because of how the laws are written.  So that’s why I write this stuff here.  Because the only option you have, is to research and find a good breeder.  If you don’t buy from breeders that sell sick cats, they can’t make a profit and they will not be able to endanger the health of these beautiful creatures.

After my first cat, I spent time looking for my puppy, Ronin and ended up shipping him down from Missouri because the breeder was very open and just really wanted the best for each and every puppy she sold.  She also priced her puppy very reasonably and included the air fare, so that he (australian shepherd) still did not cost me as much as the first breeder charged me for my sick kitty.  What I’ve learned is that when you see people that are less motivated by money and more motivated by the welfare of your animal, you are on the right track.  If they share their woes of breeding with you, and talk about how hard it is for them,  and don’t live in the joy of what they are doing, that would be the wrong one.

Don’t ever be so motivated to buy an animal that you overlook the warning signs.  Bringing home an animal to become a family member should be a joyful endeavor. Every minute of my interaction with Gio, my Aby kitten, and his  breeder was uplifting and an exciting adventure.  If it’s not, back off and try elsewhere. That’s the lesson I learned, and the one I am sharing with you.

Happy Kitten and Puppy hunting!

P.S. I would like to thank my Vets at Riverside Veterinary for saving Nikki’s life.  They did not stop until she was out of danger and without the wonderful care they have provided for my pets over the years our family would not be as joyful in our travels together as humans and pets.  If you are looking for a good Vet in this area, their number is 985-626-PAWS.

Here is the link for Absolute Abyssinians:



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Life with a Somali Or a Typical Day in the Life of Nikki Lovill

Life with a Somali Or a Typical Day in the Life of Nikki Lovill.

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Life with a Somali Or a Typical Day in the Life of Nikki Lovill

This is Nikki.  Poised, sophisticated and spoiled to the core.  She is my constant companion, and probably my biggest fan.  What would I do without her? I hope I never have to find out.

In the morning, she waits for the change in my breathing pattern. As soon as I am stirring, she is up on my bed purring and prancing back and forth across my chest.  I keep food for her constantly along with fresh water, so I know she just longs for me to be up and about so that we can start our day!

Our day begins by dressing Sam and getting him ready for school. She pads along next to me, chattering about this or that until we hit his room.  Then as she sits near the window, Sammy greets her to which she gives a silent dignified glance and then it’s back to looking out of the window.  Don’t let this fool you.  She may look as though she is immersed in fowl and foliage, but in truth, the moment Sammy is dressed and ready to eat breakfast, she falls right back into place, never breaking stride.

At this point, Woody usually is pouring our morning cup of coffee and already has Sammy’s breakfast laid out for him.  We have a small wooden pub table that serves as our kitchen table with four chairs.  In three of them sit the Lovill humans and in the fourth, sits Nikki.  At first she is fine and at rest underneath the table, sitting on her cushion, but as we are talking about our schedules for the day, a tiny reddish brown paw will make its way onto my hand which at this point is sitting on my knee.  I pretend not to notice as that is our game, and this is when she begins a soft, gentle tap, tap, tap….If I do not respond, her next move is to “pop” her whole head out from under the table and the chattering begins.  Her eyes speak volumes, and soon I am rewarding her with the pets she desires.  After she has completed this ritual and we are just about finished and it is time for Sammy to go to school, she announces her presence to the table by standing on her back paws on the chair and placing her front paws on the table.  She then takes a quick glance and a quick smell.  Woody will try to pet her and she will look at him like he just caught the last train to Looneyville.  He is slightly injured that she rebuffs him so, but she just moves on, usually jumping from the table to the kitchen island in one fell swoop.

At this point, I’ve got the water running and Nikki is waiting patiently for her next reward.  After I am done, rinsing dishes or whatever I have the water on for, I let a thin stream of water trickle into the basin.  I think that she not only likes the challenge of drinking from it, but it is also meditative for her.  She will sit and stare at it as if it were her own personal waterfall, which I guess, in a sense, it is.  I think the noise is also pleasing to her ears, the soft tinkle on tin, that in larger quantities, makes humans want to run to grab a book and settle under the covers on the sofa listening to.

So then it is upstairs to my office, or craft room; it is really a combination of both.  As I work she finds her place next to my chair and settles in. If I am working at home that day, she is content to spend hours, moving to meet the sun’s beams as it shifts across the sky: 

I will look over occasionally to find that she has left the room.  At these moments in time, I think that she is probably taking a bathroom break or just perusing her territory to make sure that no creature has dare to slink it’s way into her perview.  Nikki holds herself, very dignified, her tail up in the air always, with a cool confidence that she is indeed, the it cat, but we have seen a spark in her that may signify, may peek at the wild woman she keeps locked inside.

At certain points in the day, I have to let our Australian Shepherd, Ronin, in and out of the house. He will be 1 year on August 21, but he has plenty of puppy left in him.  He loves letting Nikki see it, and when we first brought him home, she shied away to the confines of our bedroom.  Now however, she sits directly to the left of his path as he comes in the door and allows him to greet her.  But sometimes, who knows why, she will lay in wait and as he passes, she will, claws in, lightly bap him on top of his head as he passes by.  There has been much discussion on why this occurs, but no-one has been able to come up with a plausible explanation.  Only Nikki, in her own mind, knows for sure.

The evenings with Nikki are when she is most energetic, and it might have something to do with the fact that everyone else is roaming the house at that time.  Sam has come home from school and is upstairs watching tv, and the Aussie is in and out, I’m usually cooking dinner and Woody is in and out of the house getting things done.  It is at this time that you will see her on top of her condo, playing with her toys.  She will sleep there during the day, but at night, the wild woman, once again makes an appearance.  She can go from zero to 70 mph in playmode and sometimes we just have to stop and watch her. This is when the elusive red dot makes it’s appearance and as it does, she is immediately on the prowl.  She has made the connection that the red dot is coming from my ipad three in one pen, but I think both the allure, and the fact that she is playing with me makes the game keep it’s interest for her.  Yet, I know that sometimes she gets lost in it and the total joy becomes the hunt of the prey she will never catch. How it baffles, how it intrigues…how it frustrates!!!

Some people say that cats use scratching posts to slough off dead nail material, and while I know this is true.  Nikki sometimes does it for a different reason, which is hysterical.  If for some reason, she feels frustrated (elusive red dot) or that you have offended her, or that she was played with too rough, or it is just overwhelmingly loud in the house, she will run to her scratching post and just look like she is tearing it to shreds.  You can just tell something has really ticked her off and she needs to get rid of that negative energy.  Yep, she’s just that good:)

At night, I settle in with my ipad to play sudoku because it always helps me to fall asleep.  Nikki settles with me for purrs and pets until I doze off and then she gently slips off the bed and into a world I know nothing about.  I can only imagine that this is when she really lets her inner cat come out and play.  I’ve never asked her and to be honest, I don’t think she would tell me if she could.  It is her private time and I think she must luxuriate in it, until the morning sun comes up again and she is waiting by my bed for my breathing patterns to change.

There is so much more to Nikki than is written here, but in summary, to me she is such a part of this house, this institution that we call a family and so much a part of me, and I am grateful to God for sending her to me.  She is only three years old, yet we have been through so much together.  I can’t imagine ever calling her name, not to have her pad in, and give me that, “I’m here,” meow.

Her spirit, given to her by God, is a beautiful one.  I am thankful for everyday she is with us.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you.  Every once in a while, when Woody is not paying attention, she will cuddle up beside him and lay her head gently against him.  I guess her wild woman side, is not the only one that she keeps out for special occasions.  Sometimes sweet kitty comes out too.

All of these facets make her who she is: Nikki Lovill, cat extrodinairre:)

Onward and Upward!

Have a great weekend:)

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Reaching Up and Reaching Out


Well, its summertime and the heat is cranking it’s way up, forcing many of us inside. If you’ve got a moment, have I got a great opportunity to you; the opportunity to make a soldier smile.

Operation Write Home is an organization that takes in homemade cards, any occasion or simply cards that say ‘hello, how have you been?” They ship them to our soldiers, all branches, and in turn, the soldiers write home to their loved ones. Families get these cards and often they remain treasured memories that stay with these loved ones, in scrapbooks and in their hearts.
But it does not stop there. Operation Write Home also receives and sends, “Hero Mail.” This can be a card you’ve made or purchased or simply a letter you’ve written or a coloring page they supply on their websites for children to color and send. Each time a box of cards is sent, this “Hero Mail” is sent with it. It tells our soldiers that we are proud of them and the job they are doing. It tells them we support them and with all of the stress and conflict they undergo protecting us and our freedoms, sometimes it is the lift up they need to get them going again.
I would write about this organization because the job they are doing needs to be an example for all of us as Americans, an example that shows us that every good deed that we do makes a difference. To quote a famous candymaker, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.” But that is not why I am writing today.
I have for the past year and a half been making and sending cards and hero mail. As many of you know, my son Shawn has been deployed overseas many times and this last time he acted as a contact, receiving the box of cards for his unit and distributing them among the soldiers. Our family received cards from him that were handmade by wonderful ladies all over the country. It made a BIG difference to him and I know it makes a big difference to every soldier that has the advantage of this program. Which brings me to the reason that I am writing this.

It is summertime and due to usual summertime life, having the kids home, vacations, etc…There has been a slowdown in the cards and the hero mail, but there has not been a slowdown in the soldiers requesting those cards. So I am posting their web address here, so that you can go to their site and find out how you can help.
If you don’t make cards, you can write hero mail and send it. You can get your friends to help. And there are so many ways to help. They need donations to help handle postage to the soldiers. If you have a friend that makes cards, stop at Michaels and pick up a few supplies and that can be your donation. Only your heart can determine the best way that you can help. But what’s certain is, helping these young men and women, lifting their spirits, showing our support, makes a big difference in making our country a stronger, prouder place to call home.
So, go ahead and check it out and let me know what you think.
Onward and Upward!
God Bless our Soldiers and God Bless You!

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Venting with Venti or Still Don’t Have the Papers for My $850 Somali Kitten

I have to explain why I can not let this Somali kitten issue go.  To recap, I have entirely fufilled my end of the deal and the breeder refuses to send me the papers for my cat.  I have sent a certified letter with documents stating that my cat has been fixed withing the time limits stated by our contract, which she refused to pick up from the mailman or the post office.  Her grown son then told me he was trying to help get my papers for me and so I sent him the info and he told me that my vets letter looked faked.  He said he could have created something like that when he was ten.

They refused to call my vet for confirmation, even though he’s been given their names and has been waiting for them to call, and then they asked for an itemized receipt and when I send that,  its not good enough either.  I am told that they feel I want the papers because I want to breed my cat,as if she can’t write, “Not for Breeding” all over the paperwork, which TICA told me she is allowed to do.  I have also sent them overwhelming evidence that my cat is indeed spayed.

This is, in fact, why I want my cat’s papers:

1. In this age of economical turmoil 850 dollars is a lot of money.  Heck for most people, including us, in good times 850 dollars is a lot of money.  A week after I got my cat, she almost died and it has been therollercoaster from heck trying to get her better.  I never once asked for vet bill money or replacement of the cat, I did ask for my paperwork, because it is a seal of pedigree.

2.  My husband didn’t just go out in the back yard and pick money off the money tree to get the 850 for the cat.  He is a firefighter.  This is an example of one of the things that happened to him earning the money given to this breeder:

This was an incident where a fireball blew him out of a garage and onto the street.  So to say they earn their money would be an understatement.  But see, this is why I can’t let not gettting the papers for my kitten go.  My husband risks his life to support his family.  All I have to do is budget our money and take care of the family at home.  I made the decision to purchase the kitten and it was my personal decision to spend that much money.  Now, the breeder won’t honor her part of the bargain and send the paperwork.  So now I have no proof that she is even pedigreed.

This is not a mistake I make very often, but it is one I feel shame about because  this picture reminds me of how my husband earned that money.

3.  When we let bad things happen to ourselves and we don’t say anything, we are at least partially responsible when they happen to someone else.  What I want this breeder to realize is that it is one thing to show your cats at cat shows, but that is not how you are defined as a person.  You are defined as a person by your actions toward other people.  I was her customer and she treated me badly, but she refuses to accept responsibility for that, or to even try to work with us to resolve the problem.  She sees herself as faultless in this situation and until she calls my vet and has that conversation with him, or simply abides by the paperwork I have sent her, she has amends to make.

Until then, in my humble opinion, she is the Somali Cat breeder who chose not to make things right.  And if she can live with what she has done, I guess I don’t have much choice in the matter,  but I do have a voice.  I don’t want anyone else to be made to feel or experience what I have. Get references from other breeders and really know what you are getting into.  Have a good experience, by doing your research.  I thought I had, but I didn’t talk to other breeders and get references and I really should have.  850 is a lot of money and the emotion you tie into your new kitten is even greater.  I was enamored because the breeeder took her cats to cat shows and marshalled causes for cat defects.  I never imagined that any of this would have happened to me.  All I am saying is that you can’t be too excessive in doing your research.  A good breeder will not mind because they care about the welfare of your kitten as well….

Well my venti gingerbread latte is gone and my vent has ended….Ya’ll have a great Saturday:)

Onward and Upward!

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An Even Better Day

Just left my therapists office and my qvc lock and locks were at my door.  I got containers big enough for Woody’s famous potato salad and handles to carry them when we barbeque at my daughter’s house. Yay!

So many good things happening this week – My book called Heaven will be in today.  It’s written by Randy Alcorn and it’s supposed to be such an uplifting read.  It’s about his study of the bible and what information is given about what Heaven will be like.  That and a nice cup of cocoa and I’ll be all set and snug.  Thank you God for an awesome, awesome day.

I have put the somali kitten event behind me because sometimes it’s just time.  I pray that all parties involved receive peace.  I have a beautiful kitten that I love and it is over as far as I’m concerned.  The path to her paperwork is leading to a place that will not end well and so for everyone’s sake involved I am not choosing that hill to die on. 

I got that phrase from a principal that I worked for once.  He said that you have to choose which hills you would die on if you had to.  He probably stills says, “I’m not going to die on that hill.” lol..It’s so cool how every person, one way or another teaches you something that you will take with you all of the rest of your life.

I’ve been taking art classes once a week and I LOVE them.  It’s two hours that I can just clear my mind and create.  The teacher is so positive and upbeat and the thing I love is that if I’m the only one that shows up, we get out our stuff and we go to work.  I can’t say enough about her character and her integrity, but I can say that when I leave there I feel wonderful and I have a piece of art and new knowledge to take home with me. 

I’m going to church on Sunday…Yay!  the whole family.  After years of searching, I’ve finally found a place that I am comfortable.  I watched one of the services on line and I felt like I had come home.  The pastor knows our story and can not wait to meet us on Sunday morning.  Thank you God, so very much:)

When I was younger I used to attend the Christian Women Luncheon’s where there was a guest speaker who made you feel so uplifted; I’m going to try to find them here where I live now, because I love bible study and I know the church we are going to has bible study, but the Christian Women’s club has several as well. 

So the break came after all, and I hope one came for you as well.  Good things are happening and Joy and Love are beginning to show themselves in abundance.  My daughter got the homeland security job she got her degree in so she is really really happy and our kids are just thriving. 

I know that there will always be storms, but after listening to the pastor and hearing him talk about building my foundation on the rock and how it will stand the test of time, I feel renewed. 

I wanted to thank all of my friends and family for all of their wonderful, caring thoughts because they made a HUGE difference.  And to that one person who had negative thoughts for me, I refuse to accept that negativity, to continue it’s growth, to be a part of it’s manifestation.  It only grows if I let it.

I am a positive person because I have this outlet to think through the things that happen to me.  I absolutely have the right to write about bad days, so that I can pour my thoughts out on the canvas and arrange them into a more positive frame of mind.  This is where I put to bed my angers, fears and frustrations.  This is where I lay down my burden so that when I am with friends and family, I can be strong.  I can be a leader and motivator and walk the path that God has determined for me. 

I’m getting the book “Angels” by Billy Graham in tomorrow.  I read it a long time ago, but I want to reread it this week because I think it will help me to remember that I am truly not alone.  Besides all of my good and loving friends, there are God’s angels who serve and protect all of his children and in the coming weeks, I think they will be standing guard to help me build my spirit so that it can go where it must. 

I thank God every day of my life for everything that He created because it was created through His immense love and passion for all that has the potential to be beautifully fruitful in love and nature.  I do not ask why bad things happen to good people, I know there is a purpose and that ultimately the only thing that matters is that we are loved and if we are open to it, we can feel that love and let it surround us and take care of us.  I will stand in the light of my life and I will love in the reflection of my creator. 

One of the most powerful things I have ever read was a saying I found on a bookmark.  It was a picture of Jesus on the cross and it said, “I love you this much.” 

 How beautiful that He made such an effort, withstood all of the torture of all of the soldiers and all of the people, many who had been His followers and were now recanted due to fear and insecurity.  He stood up for us and said that He was doing this because he wanted to show us that someone cared enough for each and every one of us to do the right thing.  He died for us to tell us we would never be alone again.  And if that wasn’t enough, He forgave every person that had done this to Him and prayed to His Father for mercy and compassion for them. 

To love and be loved.  After what our brother Jesus did, it’s the least we can do to tell Him we get the message.

Onward and Upward! Have a great weekend!!!

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Thoughts from an Inner Child

My inner child has a headache in her eye right now.   It comes from trying to understand what is going on with stuff in her life that just won’t come unknotted.

Well, you know the cat thing has me right now because it is something I really wanted to do and I’m still kind of frustrated that it can’t happen.  I’m frustrated that because of one  person’s predjudice against me because I spoke up and stood up for what I believed in, I now must pay a price.  It seems really unfair and I hate when things are unfair.

I don’t know if I ever blogged about cooking class.  Three times I signed up at this place near my house.  The first class got switched to a time I could not attend.  But then I saw that they had a tamale rolling class.  I signed up immediately, arranged for a baby sitter and ended up waiting in the parking lot for an hour because they had canceled the class and didn’t bother telling me.  I gave it one more shot and they called me the night before to tell me the class was cancelled.  That lady probably thought I had mental issues because I had had enough. She apologized, was going to comp another class but she couldn’t hold the class for just a couple of people (which is in a small store, btw), blah, blah, blah, but I had had enough.  Oh by the way, I also resent the “I can’t do something for just one person.”  If you do wrong by one person, then you should make the exception for the person you wronged. “I can’t make an exception for just one person” is a callous way of saying, “You are not as important as me, so I don’t have time to do the right thing by you.”  Because let’s face it, if the shoe was on the other foot, that lady would have the same feelings I had.  So I didn’t sign up for anymore classes, because after three tries I felt as if these people really didn’t care about who they were teaching.

And this last person, who tells me I have mental issues because I am hurt when I realize she has taken me for a ride.  Yes, I do have a mental issue. The issue is that I am hurt that you took me for a ride…Duh!  I have a problem with people who don’t take responsibility for what they’ve done wrong, a big problem.  It’s back to the unfair issue.  I guess it might also be because I’m kind of a control freak and this is something that I can’t control.  I want to make her say I’m sorry, but all I can do is set out the reasons why she should in logical order.  And when I do and she comes back telling me I need to apologize to her, and I did apologize to her btw, if I overstepped in asking to breed my cat, that is when my inner child gets a headache in her eye.

My life is full of stress right now, fighting to adopt my child, dealing with my cat’s breeder and just the day to day of having a child on the spectrum and worrying and caring about his future.  I am going to stay positive.  I’m going to move ahead with my head held high.  I just have to take a moment to pick my heart up off the floor, mend it, and move on.

You know the breeder (that said she was my friend at one time and was not now because I told her how I feel) said at one point that she was my friend because she felt I had issues and needed a friend.  Sort of like she pitied the poor sad little person she saw before her.  What has never occured to her is that it is because that’s how she saw me, what happened was bound to happen.  When you underestimate someone, they feel it, and it is a source of contention.  And yes I know, a friend would not have done all those things I wrote about in the first place, but that is where I’m at with all of this.  Playing at being a friend and being a friend are two different things, I know. I know that as you read this, you can see it clearly.  I can too, but my heart is having a tendency to cloud the issue.  Thus the tangle I’m trying to unknot.

I am a good person and all I want in life is to be happy and for everyone else to be happy too.  When I was a kid my mother and father believed, and my mother actually said this once, that it was wrong to expect to be happy, because being happy meant that soon really bad things would happen in your life.  Yeah I know.  That’s who I was raised by.  So they were content to be miserable and pretty much called misery down on themselves.  For part of my adult life, I lived that way too.  And then one day I met with a Christian therapist who metaphorically took off my glasses, wiped away the dirt, and caused me to see clearly.  He taught me that being a happy person, being positive was what it was all about as far as good mental health is concerned.  And it all clicked in my head.  And when it clicked, it clicked big time.

He also taught me to be assertive, which means I win and you win.  I guess that’s why I get upset with other people when they feel like in order to be happy themselves they need to take away from others.  He told me these are aggresive people, and some are passive aggresive which means they won’t come out and attack you openly, but they will find a way for them to win and for you to lose.  So assertive types (me) and aggresive types don’t mix because while I want things to equal out, the aggresive type wants victory for her or himself and will go to any lengths to take away what the assertive type has.  It’s just the way it is and it is what it is.

And I’m okay with that.

Wow, I figured it out.  I’m very proud of myself.  And I feel much better too. Knot coming loose, inner child’s headache receeding.

Stay thirsty my friends (lol, had to say it, I love that line and the commercials) – Random Girl, stream of consciousness:)

Onward and Upward!

P.S. I know I have a few anger issues that move being assertive into the aggresive category, like wanting the lady in the cooking class to hold the class even if its for a couple people, but I guess that would be assertive because I want it to equal out.  I want her to give me back the hour that I sat in the parking lot and all of the moments I spent psyching myself up for the class. With the breeder too, I want her to equal out all the time that I spent walking the floor with my dying cat and everything I went through in the situation because of her lack of honesty. Maybe in writing this blog I felt I might be getting a bit of that control back in my life, you know what I mean?  At any rate, I’m a work in progress and I’m trying.  So best wishes to you and best wishes to me and I know that somehow, with a little luck and a lot of effort, it will all work out in the end.  After all that’s why they call it, THE END

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