Reaching Up and Reaching Out


Well, its summertime and the heat is cranking it’s way up, forcing many of us inside. If you’ve got a moment, have I got a great opportunity to you; the opportunity to make a soldier smile.

Operation Write Home is an organization that takes in homemade cards, any occasion or simply cards that say ‘hello, how have you been?” They ship them to our soldiers, all branches, and in turn, the soldiers write home to their loved ones. Families get these cards and often they remain treasured memories that stay with these loved ones, in scrapbooks and in their hearts.
But it does not stop there. Operation Write Home also receives and sends, “Hero Mail.” This can be a card you’ve made or purchased or simply a letter you’ve written or a coloring page they supply on their websites for children to color and send. Each time a box of cards is sent, this “Hero Mail” is sent with it. It tells our soldiers that we are proud of them and the job they are doing. It tells them we support them and with all of the stress and conflict they undergo protecting us and our freedoms, sometimes it is the lift up they need to get them going again.
I would write about this organization because the job they are doing needs to be an example for all of us as Americans, an example that shows us that every good deed that we do makes a difference. To quote a famous candymaker, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.” But that is not why I am writing today.
I have for the past year and a half been making and sending cards and hero mail. As many of you know, my son Shawn has been deployed overseas many times and this last time he acted as a contact, receiving the box of cards for his unit and distributing them among the soldiers. Our family received cards from him that were handmade by wonderful ladies all over the country. It made a BIG difference to him and I know it makes a big difference to every soldier that has the advantage of this program. Which brings me to the reason that I am writing this.

It is summertime and due to usual summertime life, having the kids home, vacations, etc…There has been a slowdown in the cards and the hero mail, but there has not been a slowdown in the soldiers requesting those cards. So I am posting their web address here, so that you can go to their site and find out how you can help.
If you don’t make cards, you can write hero mail and send it. You can get your friends to help. And there are so many ways to help. They need donations to help handle postage to the soldiers. If you have a friend that makes cards, stop at Michaels and pick up a few supplies and that can be your donation. Only your heart can determine the best way that you can help. But what’s certain is, helping these young men and women, lifting their spirits, showing our support, makes a big difference in making our country a stronger, prouder place to call home.
So, go ahead and check it out and let me know what you think.
Onward and Upward!
God Bless our Soldiers and God Bless You!


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God Bless This Mess (and I do mean the USA)


I am writing as part  of a  hard working middle class family. My husband was a firefighter for 31 years and I taught school. We are now retired.  First of all, get this straight Mr. Obama, NO THANK YOU, we do not want your Obamacare program.  Last time I looked, this was a democracy, by and for the people and we had a say. I have health insurance, but if I didn’t I would not purchase it just because you FORCED me too.

You are a bad president with many bad policies.  This country and its people go to war with each other each and every day now. This past four years have been agony for the majority of the people because of you; people are in pain because of your deeds. And then they see you laughing and smiling on television shows, in all the tv appearances you make and they feel like you are laughing at them.  And they, sir, see nothing funny here.  When you laugh and smile while this country is drowning in its own debt, it is in such bad taste.  You think you are so clever, like the man who laughs at the widow’s funeral while she cries in desperation and loss.

In good conscience I don’t know how you can call yourself our commander in chief because you have NOT earned that title.  It is a title meant for a President who values the constitution and its people and lets them have their voice. You have failed miserably at speaking for us.  Our country is in pain and crisis and it is because we trusted you and placed our constitution in your hands.  We feel betrayed Mr. Obama, I don’t know how you can’t feel the hurt and wounded peoples.  We put our lives in your hands and your broke us like a mean child playing with his toys.

Mr. Obama, there is only one other man who made me feel so frightened for our country and that sir, was David Duke. When I saw him talking politics, my blood ran cold because his real agenda, to cause and inflict pain was so evident.  When he was defeated running for govenor of our state, I felt relief, safe from the evil things he planned to do once he took office. I’m hoping sir, I will feel the same when you are voted out this year.

Because you sir, are the greater evil.  It wasn’t apparent that you were going to sabotage our constitution.  It’s as if we have given the keys to our country to a drunken driver with the certain destiny of leaving death and destruction in his wake. I wish I were exaggerating.  I truly, truly wish.


The truth of the matter is that the minute you took office, you picked up the constitution, walked to the bathroom, closed the door behind you and didn’t use it for reading material.  Since then it has been used over and over for the same purpose.  Why wouldn’t we the people be upset?  The constitution is not just a piece of paper, it is every living breathing human being it encompasses.  So it kind of explains what you’ve been doing to us all.  There may have been a worse president somewhere in the line – up, but to me you are the worst because I am living during your reign and the things your are doing right now are making the people weep and gnash their teeth.

I say reign because you have forgotten that you do not rule, that you are supposed to do what we say.  You have failed to even listen.  If you did, you would not be campaigning, you would be resigning.  You do have a few supporters left, but Jim Jones mislead as well, and those people, who were loving and good people did not realize until too late that they had sadly backed the wrong horse. My heart goes out to them, and I pray that this mistake is not repeated by the people who follow you now.

My views are not based on Democrat or Republican or black or white or young or old.  They are based on watching people suffer while you laugh and joke your way to their total annilation of house, home, job and ability to live a quality life. And then to speak for them and say, Oh the middle class, they are doing just fine.  If you could feel the pain you caused, it would bring you to your knees. It is not a joke when a family has to use a child’s college fund to survive.  But you just laugh and laugh, play golf and vacation as if everything was going to be alright.  That’s where the anger comes from Mr. Obama. It’s not funny when someone loses their house and their life and all their hopes and dreams.  You did this, as surely as a thief in the night, come to rob them of the right to the freedoms and liberties that come with living a life  born fruitful by the work ethic. Look in the mirror, Mr. Obama.  You are a very bad man.

The only thing you have done that I can give you credit for is to divide us as a people, in a way that has not happened since 1861.  Before you were elected, I taught school and I can tell you that the children, and I taught a very diverse group across the board, black, white, all incomes, all denominations, with parents red and blue and independent as well accepted each other, no one fought because of race, money, or parental views.  Now I look around this country and you can’t swing a stick without hitting someone who wants to fight about all of the above.  Mission accomplished, Mr. President, well done.  Your one and only accomplishment, divide us as a people, so that we are so busy fighting that we can’t see you tearing down our flag and hoisting your own.  Total and absolute power.  I can’t say that Hitler did that or Napoleon, because I don’t think they really did, to the extent you have.  Congratulations, Prez, you have set a NEW low.  I hope the people do see the common enemy, Mr. Obama, before it is too late and bond together to find a way to mend the hopes and the hearts of our people. I know its not too late. Just one vote per person ought to do it…And then we shall laugh and dance as you are handed your hat and sent packing.  Don’t let the door hit you, where the good Lord sit you. Don’t come back now, ya’ll hear?

Oh and by the way, we the middle class, are not doing FINE sir. Do not speak for us.

Sincerely, Mary Lovill Supporter of  The Continental Congress and the Constitution of The United States of America

I am proudly one of “We the People.”

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We are the People

We are the People.

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We are the People

First of all, I met a young person the other day who is under the impression that Obama is a King and that we should not question his rule…Face Palm. I know none of my teacher friends or I have EVER taught a child that. We rule this country..Of the people, by the people and for the people…Mr. President, respectfully, you do what we say do or we will replace you….

As for the President ruling wisely, here’s my perspective. He is not a logical person and therefore he is subject to keep making the same mistakes over and over, expecting different results. Insanity, ruling our country, is the pure and simple definition of hell.

Let’s find our way back to sanity.

1. First of all, it is people with money, that they spend freely, that places our economy in a state of perpetual motion. They hire the people and create the jobs that balance our economy. It helps put money in the pocket of any and all people motivated and willing to work for their keep. They should not be penalized, but praised for keeping our system running. They are the reason for more jobs, despite the actions of this President. Hug a person of means today:) Remember, there is good and bad in everyone. Obama exploits the bad to divide the country. It’s the only way he feels he can win. Unfortunately the truth is when we believe the hype, nobody wins.

2. Standing up against bad policy works, so continue on in the voting booth. For example: I bought a Ford, because they refused to take bailout money,and because Ford has always been a company motivated to self a safe, solid product. The customer service in this company is awesome. These people have a pride in their step that should be echoing in every shoe of every American, because as true Americans, we don’t depend on trying to get money from people by force, but by three simple words: “The Work Ethic.”

3. We should all take responsibilty for our own mistakes. Shifting blame only causes more division. Where in any sense of history has it been logical to place blame on the shoulders of those who are responsible for growth in this country or any other country for that matter? Anyone in their right mind, that wants to be president for a second term, would not attempt to right his own wrongs by calling out the people who can and will use the power they wield to protect themselves when attacked. Placing blame on Republicans for jobs packages is foolish as well, and it is a special kind of devious that includes verbage that you know will incite, and will have that very effect. More derision, more division, more anger, more strife. An attack on this country from within its very boundries. And because many Americans still trust you, it works. But not for much longer. President Barrack Obama, while I have respect for the office of the President of the United States, I have no respect for anyone who acts surprised at what happens when you take a big stick and poke a sleeping lion. I think I remember President Roosevelt saying you should “walk softly,” when carrying on of those…Seems to me that your shoes have too telling a squeek.

There are so many reasons you should not be president again, but maybe the most important motivation we as Americans can grasp with open hands, is your propensity for “all of a sudden,” making heartfelt, soul shaking decisions on how you feel about things now that the election is on the horizon. You’ve been in office four years and just now, “oh I got to thinking about it and I evolved, in the last ten minutes,” is so insulting. I can only hope that friends of mine that happen to be gay, don’t decide now that maybe you aren’t so bad because you’ve have a moment of great enlightenment on the subject of gay marriage and decide to vote based on the golden epiphany you seem to have made right here, right now, Johnny on the spot. It angers and sickens me that you would use people like that; push their emotional buttons about issues never before on your front burner, until you need a vote. This warped mentality you seem to possess is often shared by people with less than honorable motives..It is not what makes a man great.

Saying that, everyone has a right to their opinion and that is what makes this country great. The problem with this administration is that you will have less of a right to do that if you keep them in office. Even though Ford did not take bailout money, Obama was able to stifle a commercial where a Ford buyer said that he bought a Ford because they did not take bailout money. We are NOT allowed to speak our peace under this administration, if they have anything to say about it. So maybe that’s where our kids get the idea that Obama is a supreme ruler, or king.

One last thing: I reposted something on Facebook not too long ago on the subject and was basically called racist and told that I was being a horror monger because there was no holocaust coming, no terrible plague upon man on the horizon.

If you look at the arguments, none have anything to do with race and I always feel like when you throw the race card on the table without cause, it wields a weapon all of its own, it adds its own link in the chain of keeping those differences that divide us alive. I’ve always believed that it is not the color of your skin that matters, it is the attitude of your heart. Just because someone is a certain color, does not mean it should affect the issue.

And most importantly, if it is not we the people that learn from the mistakes of the past, who will? I want my children to know that they have the power, in their hands, to change the future. I don’t want them losing the right to choose. And yes, we have to be on constant guard to protect our rights and freedoms because this is a world in which things like 911 are very real events. Have you ever stopped to wonder why people try to make you feel foolish for knowing that freedom does come from a watchful eye? I’m betting the answer came to you within the beat of a heart. Knowledge is power. Learn and be well….

When our country is not being ruled the way it should be, when our reflection as a country becomes distorted to the world around us, we must stand up and speak, while we still have a voice. We are the people of the United States of America, and where this President has tried to divide us by class and culture, he will fail, because the voices of our forefathers are stronger than his and we will not be tread upon..We will stand united and we will be peoples of greatness once more…..One Nation under God.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today is OWH’s virtual card making party and if you want to join in, the challenges start here:

I’ll post my completed challenges as I finish them…

Here’s challenge number 1:









Here is challenge number 2: (Using things you’ve been hoarding. Items hoarded: everything but the digi stamp.That was a freebie thanks to Milk Coffe stamps at this addy: 🙂









Challenge 3: Food
Not the favorite of the ones I made, but not awful:)








I skipped a challenge to catch up, but I’ll come back to it:)

Challenge Five: Five Elements – Patterned paper, stamp, ribbon, bling over the I, and the fifth element, background blue:)







Challenge Six: Using Die Cuts (I’ll probably keep looking at this one..It’s cute, but it’s missing that one thing that will make it perfect…:)


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Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Mary’s Up The Stream


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Mardi Gras Wreaths

I’m so excited that I’m pretty good at this:)

I started out wrapping basket handles and found it a fun way to decorate and make them look nicer before adding treasures inside, be it any occasion, so I thought, “If I can wrap handles, why can’t I wrap wreath forms?” And then my cardmaking skills, of what to add and what to take away, and oh yes, how to turn a mistake into a happy accident, all came into play.

The only problems I ran into are that Hobby Lobby puts out their crafting things for a particular season out way early (and sells out really quickly), and Michaels was sparse this year, so supplies where limited.

Even searching the internet for Jester dolls turned out to be maddening, as they were all sold out. I finally found some at Accent Annex and the people there are wonderful to deal with so it worked out. But, next year I will buy supplies early on so that I have more of a selection and I can be more creative.

But all in all, making wreaths for the Mardi Gras season has been a wonderful experience and I will continue on as the seasons change. Easter ho!

Onward and Upward!

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